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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gone too long

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It's 2017.

8 years since my first blog post was made, went back to look at my entries in the early days and it was cringe worthy but interesting to see how I grew from those days to who I am now.

3 years since i last actively blogged with only 5 entries last year. They say blogs are dead but I beg to defer, the quality and content of blogging has changed, to be more directed towards a certain cause or motive. They became news sites or content hubs.

I am not gonna say that I am back to be a consistent blogger as well but I reckon I need a space where I can write out my thoughts and share some of the things that I experience in life be it good or bad.

2016 was a trashy year for me, it was mundane with the occasional lows and nothing exciting. I might be plunging into the stagnant side of adulthood but I am self-aware enough to keep myself afloat.

So 2017 will be the year where I try to keep this blog alive and the plan was to have a quick makeover of the blog layout to keep it even more simple plus sharing my thoughts on things such as Anime, Kpop and Esports as these are the things that make up my life and I love them to bits.

Biggest highlight up till now

As many of you know, I am a big fan of Dota 2 and gaming. I gave up on the game back when Dota 2 was released mainly because I didn't have the right tools to continue the game on a higher spec but got back into the game 2.5 years ago, played it on my free time at that point in time but it sort of escalated last year as I delved into the wonders of the Esports Industry and it definitely helps when you find a few people who are just as interested as you are.

So to K.I.S.S. it, I attended my first official LAN Tournament for Dota 2 as a spectator and the experiencewas absolutely amazing!

Got to meet some of the Dota 2 personalities, my personal favourite Slacks and Purge the comedic and intelligent duo.

The crowd was absolutely amazing as the tournament was held up in the chilly Genting Highlands, the set up was great and the people were just as passionate as I which was probably the main contributor to the experience. 

Picture above was taken Sunday night 1am, full house and all cheering for the last game.

I really hope the scene continues to grow and I do hope that one day I would be able to be working within the scene and continue the passion for Esports.

That's all for now.

A good step moving forward to get the blog back up on track. :)

In future I am thinking of sharing more personal reviews of shows, games and music events.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Introducing amazing Dota 2 designer T-shirts by Peachism

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As the Dota 2 community grows more epic around the world and the new patch scheduled to be released tomorrow, it's good to know that some of the local talents are embracing the community with their talents.

Digi is personally sponsoring a local Dota 2 team for the upcoming ESL Genting, new upcoming teams are wreaking a storm in the Boston Majors and then you have local talented designers creating merchandises to fuel the entire scene.

Came across a friend of mine who designed a range of really nice Dota 2 T-shirts and I thought would only be fair for me to write about it as I am an avid Dota 2 gamer too!

Here are the designs that they currently have for us to purchase. Details after the pics!

I personally like the Spectre design a lot and would look forward to more designs coming in the near future.

Promo Details: 
Place your order by 14th January 2017,
Buy 2 T-Shirts for only RM 125 (normal price incl delivery is RM 172.00) 
Terms and conditions ** This promo is only valid for self-collection at MOA (Pasay, PH) OR The Curve, Bandar Utama for MY. **


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Belverede Vodka: Electrify The Night KL

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Not everyone is a fan of the Vodka, but when it comes to Belvedere Vodka... it's a whole different affair.

Belvedere Vodka is pretty smooth on the throat and hits you at all the right places, pair it up with some orange or cranberry mixture would definitely give you an amazing night out with friends.

Despite the quiet sophistication that Belvedere brings to the crowd, they can sure whip out a buzzing great party. Belvedere Vodka: Electrify The Night was definitely a night worth remembering, paired with great drinks and more than merry company. It was a party by 11pm and electrifying madness by 12.

Rave Radio’s live performance together with Belvedere Vodka truly set an all-new standard for originality and intensity when it comes to the club experience. The night also kick-starts a series of “Electrify The Night” celebrations across the nation, set to elevate the party experience through a modern, edgy and unexpected way. Club-goers alike can look forward to similar parties encapsulating Belvedere Vodka’s vibrant personality happening throughout the year.

I am definitely looking forward to other acts that will be brought in by Belvedere Vodka, it's always great to party with friends enjoying some of the best spirits in the world. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Tiger White Experience: Expect the Unexpected

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Five months after its launch, Tiger White - Asia’s Wheat Beer returns to bring about more delightful surprises for fans beginning with an online contest that will unlock extraordinary, unexpected experiences from now until June 2.

The new wheat beverage made its debut appearance with a creative initiative that saw the release of ‘Coaster’, a short-film produced via a local crowd-source effort in collaboration with renowned blockbuster director, Baltasar Korm├íkur, for that extra sweet cherry on top.

One of the many weeks features a LUXE experience where winners and media were chaffuered to TGV LUXE club for a fancy fine dining experience followed by a massage pampering session where we got some muscle into those stiff shoulders and sore feet, the masseuse were also very keen to share tips and tricks on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle and posture. That's a plus! 

The highlight of the night was the cinematic experience paired up with cozy recliner seats and comfortable fluffy blankets whilst indulging the smooth taste of Tiger White. The movie was X Men: Apocalypse, a blockbuster fit for the experience. 

It was great to see the smiling faces of the winners enjoying themselves and I am pretty satisfied with the whole experience as well. Looking forward to more of these campaigns by Tiger Malaysia.

In the meantime, you can view a short video recap of the night and experience the video best with Tiger White. 

My review on the new Tiger White?

It's wheat beer in general and the taste is quite satisfying, the refreshing citrus-y flavor excites the tongue and allows you to have more of it. It will definitely be a hit amongst the ladies and it comes at a very afforadable price tag as well.

So yes! Do give it a try.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

You won't have to GUESS about the time anymore.

The smart wearables are taking the world by storm, but not all wearables are looking super classy and some might still prefer the original analog looking watches.

Guess makes it's first charge into the realm of wearables that maintains it's sleek and classy analog style. Before diving into what this stylish watch has to offer, let's take a moment to admire it's simple elegance while packing a considerable amount of modern tech into it.

The blue metallic rims gives it a very modern and elegant look, it definite looks pretty fine and stylish when I opened it up, its looks sure didn't disappoint me. Would definitely see myself wearing this to meetings and parties everywhere. Imagine those proud moments when people compliment how sleek it looks and present to them its tech side of things. :)

Let's get to the technical part of the watch, Here is a screen grab from their site on the functions that the watch offers--->


After spending a few days with the device, there are a few key functions that i find pretty useful

1. Notifications :- The LED strip on the watch gives a quick overview of the calls and msges I am receiving. Only addition to that would be hoping that they have Whatsapp support as well, but that can come in the form of software upgrade.

2. Camera Control:- Connecting the watch to my smartphone also allows me to take stable and remote pictures, it feels nice to be able to pose and arrange things properly before snapping the moment.

3. Music Control:- Rather than taking out my phone all the time when I am moving around, i can switch my music choices from my wrist.

The Guess Connect is available in multiple locations as stated below, Priced at RRP RM1,499

If you are looking to grab a tech infused analog designed watch. The Guess Connect offers enough functions to cater for your daily needs. 

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