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Of My Love

.Benjamin Foo Sik Vai & Stephanie Tham Hui Min.

It has come to a surprise to many that I have a lovely girlfriend, so I thought being the writer of this blog, I should at least document all the awesome moments I have with my girlfriend just to let you know she is taken and I belong to someone. =)

Our relationship started a good 2 and a half years back. Nothing much really, it was just online chatting and my dumbness that got us talking, later on I just sort of asked her the "will you be my girlfriend question"

Everything after that was history, a history so awesome that it made the world continue spinning on it's orbit for the past years. 

We could not be more different.

I was ugly and she was pretty.

I was fat and she was slim.

I was sloppy and she was cold.

Till now, I am still wondering what good karma did my past life done to deserve such a great girl like her. (Maybe I save the world , that sounds like me)

So this page documents and dedicates it to our "min&min" life long relationship. 

Here is me, when I belum met her. 

Then after I met her.

All the colors in the world!
Thanks for the colouring you have done.


I think we complement each other very much.

We do the dumbest things and we talk about the most random rubbish.

Where else can I find a girl that will watch the whole series of Kamen Rider Den o with me , not to mention always on the look out for anything that will interest me on youtube, facebook and internet.

She supports me in my blogging as well, giving me tips on pictures and writing. =)

I think there is no one else that I rather spend time with other than her. 

Following are pictures that represent 99% of the moments we have. (thanks to me being an idiot for forgetting my charger) I had to use some of the recent pics .

Love driving her around.

Love to smile.

but sometimes she cant tahan my dumbness too

Taking pictures at random moments.

Like her hiding behind me, cause I wanna protect as much as I can

The train rides into the city.

Playing with effects.

She is the best

We close eyes to the bad times, cause it's just a little bump in our forever love

 We just try to cherish all that we have.

When two person find each other, don't be so anal about the time u spend together and the things you do for each other, every little moment of willingness to care for one each is one step towards eternal love.


qzenp said...

:) gambateh ne

Isaac Tan said...

awesomely sweet bro

hui min said...

ewwwwwwwwww cheeeeeeeeeeeeesyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3

Peeciella said...

Awwww :D sweet !

Hermion Hester said...

so sweet! i wish my bf would say that to me!or at least write it..oh well, what to do la..anyway, hope you guys last forever!:)

bendan said...

This is really awesome benjamin!! GREAT JOB nice post really sweet!! 感动,both of you gonna cherish each other yea!!

nicccchang said...

sho sweetttt! Wish both you last forever! and you have the awesome header! Awwww. :-D

Isaac Tan said...

here again.. to feel the sweetness :)

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Unknown said...

cautious. Sweetness overload. xDDDDDD

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