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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Seri Mutiara Cup 2017 results and final day highlight

The Seri Mutiara Cup 2017 Basketball tournament happened last week and it served Malaysians a full course of great entertaining live basketball action.

After a week of competitive matches, Beijing BRCB emerged as champions of the tournament. Not an easy feat despite having NBA Star, Stephon Marbury in their roster.

The 2 days were packed with nail-biting actions with scores that were less than 10 in difference by the final buzzer. Fluid teamwork and explosive individual talents from the players drew in more and more crowd towards the finals.

I was fortunate enough to catch some of these matches, one in particular was Japan Link Tochigi Brex’s group match against Beijing BRCB.

Yuta Tabuse and his boys played and outstanding team game, successfully locking down some of Beijing’s best scorers. Yuta’s precise passings and penetrations paired with Ryan Rossiter’s offensive prowess were too hard to keep up for Beijing’s defense, with the complete team effort of the Japan side’s roster, Japan Tochigi Brex were the only team to win team that later on won the tournament.

The 3rd/4th placing match between the home team NS Matrix and korean boys LG Sakers was an interesting match as the korean side sent out a full local roster with non of their imports to play. The match was evenly played out till the third quarter as the quick picks and plays from LG Sakers sliced through NS Matrix’s defense. It seems that the local team has some more work to do before the coming Agung’s cup. But to be honest, they players looked pretty good at times.

In comes the finals, a close game up till the very end. Beijing DRCB takes the tournament cup with strong plays from their forwards and a tenacious display of solid basketball by Yang Chin MIn who later become the finals MVP and his team mates. Shavlik Randolph kept the team’s scoring afloat when the Croatian side stepped up their game in the second half. Mate Kalajsic and Henrik Sirko of KK Split were a fun pair to watch, driving into the paint and scoring from beyond the arc…they really gave Beijing a run for their money but it was Zaid Abbas who came alive in the last quarter that ultimately sealed their fate.

It was indeed an eye opening experience and it really got my blood boiling for some basketball action. XD

A big round applause for all the teams and a big thank you for Seri Mutiara and other sponsors for bringing this tournament for us. It would certainly be exciting to see the basketball scene grow big again in Malaysian soil.

All photos credit to : Onvisa Thewphaingarm

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