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Monday, June 1, 2015

Belvedere Vodka lights up the night with a fantastic light performance and thirst quenching drinks

At the start of this post, i think i owe it to myself and the blog... an apology. I've been slacking for the most part 2014 and coming into the half of 2015. And to top it off, a huge issue with my domain. Well, the dust is just about to settle and I think I can find a bit more time to commit to the blog once again. After all, most part of my current career started with this blog. I really missed the quick blog turnarounds, the never ending movie passes and the epic parties with all the party people.

Here's to a better half of 2015 with

To kickstart the engine properly once again, I went to the grand launch of Belvedere's beloved party series and it was refreshing and spectacular at the same time.

Photo Cred: DJMAG

Belvedere kicks starts the night party series with a grand light performance that brings a glorious feast to your eyes.

The thing about Belvedere Vodka is that it is very smooth on the throat and perfect when mixed with orange or cranberry juice, it becomes a great social lubricant and it's strong after feel makes it a great party drink to be enjoyed by all.

While you can be focused on the beautiful lights and posing for the camera, many would prefer to enjoy the great atmosphere provided by Belvedere with bottles of vodka around the table. Friends get together for great laughs and some epic dance moves being shown here and there.

The event saw dazzling light stick performers forming the grand word of " Belvedere Vodka" across the spinning antics. A performance that got the crowd cheering of course. After which it was continued by the house DJ spinning a rather messy set of Hip-hop, pop, and a tinge of EDM, though it wasn't to my taste, Belvedre managed to smooth things out for me. :)

Photo Cred: Clevermunkey

The night went on with good company and it was definitely a great night. Join more of Belvedere parties throughout the rest of 2015 and enjoy the awesome light and drinks that come along with the awesome premier Vodka. 

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