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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ippudo Malaysia ushers in the new year with a new season special menu!

Many of my followers #thickskin would know me for my excessive obsession for Korean and Japanese cuisines, from fresh sashimi to piping hot kimchi stew. Whenever something of the same category pops up, you can be sure that my compulsive desire will lead me to the source sooner or later.

This time around I was lucky enough to be invited by the Ippudo Malaysia Marketing team to have a preview of their Jan – March Seasonal menu. The menu starts on the 5th Jan 2015 and I know I am a bit late, got tied down by avalanches of work these past few weeks so I do apologize if many of you have already tried it out. :P

Anyway, back to the star of today’s post.

Ippudo Malaysia introduces 4 seasonal items from Jan – March 2015 and it’s pretty good!

1. Spicy Black Ramen
2. Spider roll
3. Buta Kimuchi Teppan
4. Pork Ginger Teppan

We started off with the more common Spider roll, a popular maki type sushi in Jap restaurants nationwide. It’s nice to see a popular dish in Ippudo’s innovative menu that strives to tickle your tasted buds. Other than the loosely presse rice that causes the roll to break off, the taste and spicy mayo-like orange sauce goes pretty well with some wasabi dipped in soy sauce.

A sizzling pan of Pork in ginger sauce, the pork ginger teppan was introduced and it carries a rather familiar taste from the well know Chinese ginger pork dish, the chef has successful blended the Chinese dish with some Japanese sauce that covers up the strong ginger after taste that many people might dislike. The dish is quite tasty and has the proper cut of pork so that it remains bite sized and chewy.

The third dish that we had was something that I was looking for in which is the Korean- Japanese fusion called Buta ( Pork) Kimuchi Teppan ( hotplate). Blending a popular Korean vegetable dish that has growing popularity in Japan rose my interest, it’s not that I never had this dish before… It’s just that every restaurant cooks it differently so I was super delighted to see the bright red colour of the kimchi side of the dish when it was served. Upon tasting the dish, it was quite pleasing as the kimchi aspect remain while the Japanese Sauce ( can’t identify) goes very well with the vegetables and pork. This dish is recommended with a serving of either Korean OR Japanese Rice ( because the local/Thai rice doesn’t have the same texture)

The hero of the seasonal menu this time around is none other than the Spicy Black Ramen. It’s broth is grounded with pork bones and spicy miso flavoured pork and seasoned with black pepper and Japanese white pepper to create a bowl ramen that comes a tingly feeling on the tongue. It’s not as spicy as the name suggest but the spicy miso pork complements that weaker spicy of the black pepper. You are free to remove a portion of the spicy miso pork but it isn’t recommend as the taste might be affected. If you are someone who can’t take spicy at all, I suggest you take a spoonful from somehow who does enjoy spicy food so that you don’t end up being disappointed.

The ramen is well flavoured with the broth and the ramen texture is the same as the many popular Ippudo Malaysia ramen on the menu.

All in all, the new seasonal menu from Ippudo Malaysia is pretty good and it is valid from 5th Jan – 31st March at their Pavillion outlet. The BSC outlet has 2 other dishes which I have not the pleasure to try but you can always give it a shot and let me know what you think about it.

I am actually impressed that Ippudo has managed to maintain its’ status quo in Malaysia even when the ramen hype has died down significantly, that goes to show that a restaurant born from a strong root and management is able to withstand even the harshest changes in trend.

Looking forward to the next seasonal menu, perhaps something new on the kakuni side of dishes. :)

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