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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hennessy V.S.O.P presents ULTRABEAT with Danny Avila

Lacking the pure energy that DJ events bring to the clubbing scene in Malaysia, it's no wonrder one of the prominent party brand would be introducing a sensational new clubbing series known as Ultrabeat. Targetted to keep the energy consistent high throughout the night, Ultrabeat brings in the top Djs from around the world paired our very own local talents ready to create the best clubbing nights when they are in town.

As for the launch of this amazing new clubbing series, they brought in Top 100 DJ Danny Avila to rave the night away with supports from one of my favourite duo in Malaysia BATE. The night started with an amazing warm up set by BATE and transitioned into an epic good time with Danny Avila taking the DJ helm.

The night blasted away with beautiful light visuals from the hexagon structure paired with a sensational mix of fist pumping, body shaking tunes from the DJ sets. Hennessy V.S.O.P. once again proved that they are the innovation that is needed in the music industry and successfully brought in Ultrabeat to the lives of partygoers EVERYWHERE in Malaysia.

Look out for more Hennessy Ultrabeat parties happening around Malaysia, expect more exciting activies and amazing DJs to stir the night of Hennessy Ultrabeat for all you dancing party people. 

It was definitely a great night shared with friends, some lovely Hennessy and great Music.

Subsequent Hennessy V.S.O.P presents Ultrabeat parties will be happening at:

· Triple X Club, Johor Bahru, Johor

· B.E.D, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

· Club Celebrities, Miri, Sarawak

Passes to these events can be obtained by participating in the Hennessy V.S.O.P promotions at the listed outlets prior to the events. For more details and on-going promotions kindly log on to

Monday, June 1, 2015

Belvedere Vodka lights up the night with a fantastic light performance and thirst quenching drinks

At the start of this post, i think i owe it to myself and the blog... an apology. I've been slacking for the most part 2014 and coming into the half of 2015. And to top it off, a huge issue with my domain. Well, the dust is just about to settle and I think I can find a bit more time to commit to the blog once again. After all, most part of my current career started with this blog. I really missed the quick blog turnarounds, the never ending movie passes and the epic parties with all the party people.

Here's to a better half of 2015 with

To kickstart the engine properly once again, I went to the grand launch of Belvedere's beloved party series and it was refreshing and spectacular at the same time.

Photo Cred: DJMAG

Belvedere kicks starts the night party series with a grand light performance that brings a glorious feast to your eyes.

The thing about Belvedere Vodka is that it is very smooth on the throat and perfect when mixed with orange or cranberry juice, it becomes a great social lubricant and it's strong after feel makes it a great party drink to be enjoyed by all.

While you can be focused on the beautiful lights and posing for the camera, many would prefer to enjoy the great atmosphere provided by Belvedere with bottles of vodka around the table. Friends get together for great laughs and some epic dance moves being shown here and there.

The event saw dazzling light stick performers forming the grand word of " Belvedere Vodka" across the spinning antics. A performance that got the crowd cheering of course. After which it was continued by the house DJ spinning a rather messy set of Hip-hop, pop, and a tinge of EDM, though it wasn't to my taste, Belvedre managed to smooth things out for me. :)

Photo Cred: Clevermunkey

The night went on with good company and it was definitely a great night. Join more of Belvedere parties throughout the rest of 2015 and enjoy the awesome light and drinks that come along with the awesome premier Vodka. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Experience a sensational experience at Heineken Thirst 2015 with Dash Berlin, R3hab, BATE, Gold Fish & Blink and HULKAS

After a year of hiatus when ravers were feeling lost without the iconic end year event, Thirst announces their return with an innovative new show to delight its Malaysian fans.

Thirst, We Are All Stardust will transform the MIECC at Mines Resort City into a cosmic spectacle featuring world class light shows, pyrotechnics and acrobatic performances alongside the sounds of Dash Berlin, R3hab, Goldfish & Blink, BATE, XU and Hulkas.

I've had the chance to witness just a small preview of what the public can expect from this brand new concept from Thirst and it's was pretty damn good.

To the amazement of the crowd, a group of cosmically costumed international dancers then rose from the audience and took to the stage accompanied by hypnotic visuals and laser light shows. The crowd was immediately immersed into the universe of Thirst “We Are All Stardust” with excerpts from the full show that will be premiered for music fans on April 25.

I am rather pleased to find out that despite the smaller line-up, we have superstars Dash Berlin and R3hab headlining and with these 2 DJs on top of our local super DJs, a night of great visual and sound experience is guranteed.

Events like the Heineken associated global Sensation parties have transformed the international dance music festival scene. With their emphasis on high quality experiences and theatricality, they have created an appeal that reaches beyond dance music’s core audience and injected a new sense of engagement and adventure into the music.

Thirst “We Are All Stardust” is the first time such a show has been specially designed for a Malaysian audience. A multinational team of experiential experts will spend days terraforming MIECC into an other-worldly experience. Textured video screens, lasers and Special FX will create a backdrop for thematically costumed dancers and performers to bring to life the music of top DJs and producers including Dash Berlin, R3hab and Goldfish & Blink.

Future Sound Asia, the team behind the Thirst phenomenon collaborated with Callen Tham, aka themancalleduncle who added his own creative stamp to the project. Inspired by the Big Bang that created the Universe, it revolves around a simple premise: that particles attract one another and naturally come together.

“Thirst has always explored new areas and arenas,” comments Ben Law, Director of Future Sound Asia. “When we featured Godskitchen Boombox in 2010, it was the first time that a Malaysian audience had been exposed to the kind of high concept show where the music and the DJ are only the start of the experience. Now, with Thirst We Are All Stardust, we’re taking a step further. It’s time to create our own story.”

Thirst “We Are All Stardust” brings our galactic history, present and future to life, exploring that feeling of unity and togetherness that we experience when we are all dancing to the same rhythm. A night of the inimitable experiences, shared moments and sounds that is unique to the universe of Heineken Thirst.

To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, stay tuned at our Facebook page ( or Twitter (

Ticket Info

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ippudo Malaysia ushers in the new year with a new season special menu!

Many of my followers #thickskin would know me for my excessive obsession for Korean and Japanese cuisines, from fresh sashimi to piping hot kimchi stew. Whenever something of the same category pops up, you can be sure that my compulsive desire will lead me to the source sooner or later.

This time around I was lucky enough to be invited by the Ippudo Malaysia Marketing team to have a preview of their Jan – March Seasonal menu. The menu starts on the 5th Jan 2015 and I know I am a bit late, got tied down by avalanches of work these past few weeks so I do apologize if many of you have already tried it out. :P

Anyway, back to the star of today’s post.

Ippudo Malaysia introduces 4 seasonal items from Jan – March 2015 and it’s pretty good!

1. Spicy Black Ramen
2. Spider roll
3. Buta Kimuchi Teppan
4. Pork Ginger Teppan

We started off with the more common Spider roll, a popular maki type sushi in Jap restaurants nationwide. It’s nice to see a popular dish in Ippudo’s innovative menu that strives to tickle your tasted buds. Other than the loosely presse rice that causes the roll to break off, the taste and spicy mayo-like orange sauce goes pretty well with some wasabi dipped in soy sauce.

A sizzling pan of Pork in ginger sauce, the pork ginger teppan was introduced and it carries a rather familiar taste from the well know Chinese ginger pork dish, the chef has successful blended the Chinese dish with some Japanese sauce that covers up the strong ginger after taste that many people might dislike. The dish is quite tasty and has the proper cut of pork so that it remains bite sized and chewy.

The third dish that we had was something that I was looking for in which is the Korean- Japanese fusion called Buta ( Pork) Kimuchi Teppan ( hotplate). Blending a popular Korean vegetable dish that has growing popularity in Japan rose my interest, it’s not that I never had this dish before… It’s just that every restaurant cooks it differently so I was super delighted to see the bright red colour of the kimchi side of the dish when it was served. Upon tasting the dish, it was quite pleasing as the kimchi aspect remain while the Japanese Sauce ( can’t identify) goes very well with the vegetables and pork. This dish is recommended with a serving of either Korean OR Japanese Rice ( because the local/Thai rice doesn’t have the same texture)

The hero of the seasonal menu this time around is none other than the Spicy Black Ramen. It’s broth is grounded with pork bones and spicy miso flavoured pork and seasoned with black pepper and Japanese white pepper to create a bowl ramen that comes a tingly feeling on the tongue. It’s not as spicy as the name suggest but the spicy miso pork complements that weaker spicy of the black pepper. You are free to remove a portion of the spicy miso pork but it isn’t recommend as the taste might be affected. If you are someone who can’t take spicy at all, I suggest you take a spoonful from somehow who does enjoy spicy food so that you don’t end up being disappointed.

The ramen is well flavoured with the broth and the ramen texture is the same as the many popular Ippudo Malaysia ramen on the menu.

All in all, the new seasonal menu from Ippudo Malaysia is pretty good and it is valid from 5th Jan – 31st March at their Pavillion outlet. The BSC outlet has 2 other dishes which I have not the pleasure to try but you can always give it a shot and let me know what you think about it.

I am actually impressed that Ippudo has managed to maintain its’ status quo in Malaysia even when the ramen hype has died down significantly, that goes to show that a restaurant born from a strong root and management is able to withstand even the harshest changes in trend.

Looking forward to the next seasonal menu, perhaps something new on the kakuni side of dishes. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[Giveaway] Win exclusive invites to the Party of the century with 2AM, Taboo, Paris Hilton and more!


You heard the news, you know the line-up and now it’s time for you to score a pair of invites to the biggest party of the century brought to you by the Mammoth Empire City Development!

Promising a night to remember in the repurposed construction site of Empire City’s latest development, be the first to set your sights on the developing Empire City project whilst partying VIP style with Celebs, Influencers and the rich and famous too!

Performances by Korean boy band 2AM, Taboo from Black Eye Peas and Paris Hilton will add that extra icing to your night so without wasting more of your time, here is how YOU can win a pair of invite to the party of the century.

How to win invites:-

1. Like my page on facebook - 
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3. First 10 to answer both answer correctly will win a pair of exclusive invites each. *

*All decision are final.
**Submission on answer ends 20th Jan, 11:59pm

[Update] Giveaway has ended.

Winner list at

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Empire City to hold a star-studded preview of the City of Lifestyle & Entertainment


Empire city developments is ready to give buyers, investors and the media an extravagant preview of their latest city development in it's forth coming "Party of the Century"

Promising a night of enjoyment and great entertainment, this exclusive event will see celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Taboo and Korean Boy band, 2AM amongst the other celebrities to grace the night and treat you with eye candies and performances.

[Press Release]

Empire City, the 30 acre mixed use development in Damansara Perdana, is holding an exclusive preview on the 23rd of January 2015.

An integrated development in a vibrant, artfully stylised world, this City of Lifestyle & Entertainment aims to be the ultimate spot for meeting, dining, shopping and relaxing, all within a self-contained city that balances business with leisure.

“Empire City is a major project for us as well as for the entire Klang Valley,” commented Mark Farquhar, Director of Leasing for Empire City. “The 2.5 million square feet of net lettable retail area, 8 corporate towers and office suites, 3 international 5 star hotels and a cinema themed hotel are built around the 5 pillars that are at the core of Empire City; Design, Art, Music, Performance and Culture.

Bringing these pillars to life will be an array of performers and artists, ranging from the renowned Korean group, 2AM, to flamboyant speed painters, as well as the traditional with a twist in the form of an LED dragon dance.

In addition, special performances from Paris Hilton, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, and Australian tenor, Mark Vincent, will enhance the international atmosphere created by the honoured guests and business owners flying in from across the globe.

“Based on the concept of the past, present and future converging in the one place now known as Empire City, the combination of the five Pillars form the philosophy that drives the development and operation of all establishments under Empire City,” added Farquhar.

“From style to service, and architecture to amenities, these attributes are instantly recognisable from the thoughtful planning and unparalleled attention to detail, which ultimately aims to deliver the most unique and enriched experience to all. Our preview event in January is a celebration of these ideals, and a literal coalescence of our vision for Empire City in the future.”

Included within Empire City will be a number of unique offerings, such as the cinematic world’s first multiprojection theatre, an Olympic-specification ice rink and stylized boulevards, like Asian Food Street, that will bring the international luxury feel to life for residents and visitors alike.

As a development preview, a first for a Malaysian project, Empire City’s “Party of the Century” with its ‘Glamourous 20’s’ theme looks to set a high standard for all others in 2015.

[Press Release End]

It looks like Empire City really means business when they say Part of the Century, looking at the scale of things, it's going to be a granduer celebration when they preview the whole development so if you are a keen investor or an interested buyer, I will be giving away some invites in the next few days so do watch out for that! 

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