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Monday, December 8, 2014

PLAY club activates The White Party featuring Steve Aoki?

Malaysia's been moderately quiet since March from Raves and general music festivals and it's certainly looking pretty quiet heading to the end of 2014. Something that is not acceptable in my eyes.

But all is not doom and gloom thanks the upcoming White Party with Steve Aoki! All thanks the great team at Play Club PJ! So if you are feeling juuuust a little bit restless and looking to dance of the 2014 stress bug away then Steve and the white party is just what you need to greet the new year!

The maestro of entertaiment doesn't hold back in giving you the most awesome of nights at his shows. Dropping hard electro beats powered by his style of hip hop sensations, raps and troll drops that will bring any house down in Malaysia.

I've been to 2 or 3 of his sets and each one seems to be even better than the other, Aoki really gives out an energetic personality as you see him jumping up and down on the consoles, interacting with the fans and ultimately delivers an unforgettable experience. 

I am definitely looking forward to listen to his new tracks from Neon Future, a lot of the musics are pretty sick and can really pump up the energy level of the party! 

It's an awesome way to greet the new year and do stand in front if you are up for some cake and champagne! :)
So grab your white tees and get ready for a crazy night with the Cake man himself, Steve Aoki! 

Here is a snippet of how much of a show Aoki brings to his fans!

I appreciate the efforts that Play Club and The Roof is making to revolutionize the fore front of Malaysia's clubbing culture, bringing bigger acts, exploring great venues and providing the right amount of entertainment to the lives of Malaysians is something that we can all appreciate as it gives everyone a place to enjoy and live out the wilder party loving side of all of us.

The White Party series looks super promising with Steve being the first of many! Would love to see an array of great electro Djs coming in like Dyro, Hardwell, Vicetone, Thomas Gold coming in as well to grace the series! 

Remember to like Play club at the Roof for latest updates on the biggest acts in Malaysia!

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