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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Painting Soju KL orange with A Glenmorangie Party!


So I was invited by Glenmorangie to party with them at Soju KL, a place where I've never been to for reasons such as traffic congestions and accessibility from work but heck! Glenmorangie throws good parties so I might as well make use of my otherwise mundane Friday night.

Soju KL is actually quite spacious when you head in with a stage ready for live band performances and your usual event shenanigans. Opposite the stage you have the DJ console are which I think doesn't really suit the position. Then again, Soju KL seems to be more of a drinking pub than a raving club, so do expect crowds to be of a slightly elder age group having a drink after a week of stressful meetings and yuppie taunting.

But of course, there were still some pretty excited Young uns all ready for an exclusive night with everyone's favourite Single Malt Whisky, the Glenmorangie.

A stretch of Happy faces can always be spotted around these events la, there is always some one whos is more than willing to cheers you to a night of happening beats and smiling faces!

Glenmorangie Parties also come with mini giveaways of a bottle of Glenmorangie so do make sure you know what's gonna happen that night!

Hehe also, never forget to ALWAYS ALWAYS Party hard at Glenmorangie's

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