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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Carlsberg celebrates Octoberfest with introduction of the Bier Bike!


The month of October signals the awakening of many people before September ended, to greet these people it is the time to celebrate... with the annual Octoberfest! A night of ultimate beerventure and german themed pop songs that will sure to get your legs tapping and your beer mugs rising! 

This year, Carlsberg will be taking this beloved festival to a nationwide level with joint collaborations with it's many affiliated pubs across Malaysia to bring this Bavarian beer to everyone who enjoys it! We are talking about Johor, Penang, Ipoh and many more who will be ALL IN for the celebrations!

 The finale of this awesome month will once again be held for 3 days at One Utama's Open Car Park! From 10th October to 12th October 2014! So get your all your friends ready for Malaysia's biggest Octoberfest celebration with Carlsberg!

And if plenty of beer and food is not going to impress you, I am sure these girls below will change your mind a bit! Hehe

See you there!

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