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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Belvedere Vodka brought the Singles out to Mingle playing host to the latest party in Providence, KL


Belvedere Vodka Presents The ‘LIGHT UP YOUR NIGHT’ Party 

 ‘Light Up Your Night’ Party is a night exclusively created for the single’s in mind. Held in Providence at The Intermark, KL, the party saw the town’s single and available’s putting their best foot forward in outfits perfectly matched to the theme of the night-‘Shine’.

The signature blue and white hues of Belvedere Vodka creating a perfect atmosphere for a night of shining single spirits as guests were treated to Belvedere Vodka cocktails which flowed throughout the party, much to their delight.

With the delicious Belvedere cocktails serving as a perfect ice breaker, the night was further enliven with many fun engagements aimed to get guests mixing and mingling with one another. From cheeky conversational body stickers, Tag Me! Landyards, and a mysterious engagement call ‘Seek Your Love’- where guests were able to pin up messages on their favourite photos anonymously, the games definitely got partygoers in their element, conversing and ready to impress.

The euphoric atmosphere of the party heightened as the impressive Belvedere Bear serving ritual put in an appearance. Bearing sparklers and an illuminated Jeroboam Belvedere bottle, this ‘beary’ cute design was certainly a hit with the crowd, constantly turning heads, demanding selfies and echoing compliments.

The night drew to a close with winners of the engagements being announced. The most desired female and male- from the Tag me! engagement gained a fair amount of fans and walked away with an impressive illuminated 70cl bottle of Belvedere Vodka each. Guests continued to party the night away in sophistication grooving to the music, to the accompaniment of their new acquaintances and Belvedere Vodka.


Unknown said...

Good to see this awesome party. I am planning to attend my friend’s wine tasting party at one of LA event venues. Will buy a new lovely dress for the day. It will be really happy to be a part of such party. Want to have great fun there.

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