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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

H-Artistry finale party is finally here! 15th November 2014, MIECC

Here it comes!

H-Artistry returns to KL this 15th November, inviting revellers to step into a different dimension by setting an even more exciting stage for the anticipated epic finale premier super-clubbing experience of 2014! The Global Art of Mixing party slated for KL, rides off the success of H-Artistry Penang earlier in May 2014 and promises another epic not-to-be-missed party experience to remember.

While H-Artistry always promises a night to remember, partying away to great music and good company. I can't help but feel a little bit disappointed with the line-up for the Finale, I was expecting a stronger line-up of DJs as Malaysia has really been low on a great venue for raves and such events.

But it is in H-Artistry 's long tradition to always bring the best of the music world in all different genre to build and whatever it maybe it will still rock the night away! 

The awesome thing however, they managed to bring in CREAM from Japan, a Hip-hop J pop band that does a lot of awesome covers as well as their own songs. I really like their sound a lot and it's pretty refreshing to have a J Pop band to be coming in this time! I am pretty excited to watch them live! 

Also, My favourite trio will once again blow up the night with their awesome electro fist pumping beats. It's a sure thing that these guys will be firing the #erffquake machine and rocking MIECC! 
They are the boys from IMMA BLEEP YOUUP!  IMBYU for short. 

I am also super thrilled to know that they will be collaborating with Paper Plane Pursuit for the live renditions of the latest singles, “Chasing Dreams” and “Live Forever”. The singles was an inspiration by the H-Artistry’s very own unique Global Art of Mixing platform that has connected these two artists from different genres and styles.

The nation’s most anticipated party, H-Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing is the super clubbing event of the year, certainly one not to be missed!

H-Artistry is open to non-Muslims above the age of 18 only. For more information, log on to

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Belvedere Vodka brought the Singles out to Mingle playing host to the latest party in Providence, KL


Belvedere Vodka Presents The ‘LIGHT UP YOUR NIGHT’ Party 

 ‘Light Up Your Night’ Party is a night exclusively created for the single’s in mind. Held in Providence at The Intermark, KL, the party saw the town’s single and available’s putting their best foot forward in outfits perfectly matched to the theme of the night-‘Shine’.

The signature blue and white hues of Belvedere Vodka creating a perfect atmosphere for a night of shining single spirits as guests were treated to Belvedere Vodka cocktails which flowed throughout the party, much to their delight.

With the delicious Belvedere cocktails serving as a perfect ice breaker, the night was further enliven with many fun engagements aimed to get guests mixing and mingling with one another. From cheeky conversational body stickers, Tag Me! Landyards, and a mysterious engagement call ‘Seek Your Love’- where guests were able to pin up messages on their favourite photos anonymously, the games definitely got partygoers in their element, conversing and ready to impress.

The euphoric atmosphere of the party heightened as the impressive Belvedere Bear serving ritual put in an appearance. Bearing sparklers and an illuminated Jeroboam Belvedere bottle, this ‘beary’ cute design was certainly a hit with the crowd, constantly turning heads, demanding selfies and echoing compliments.

The night drew to a close with winners of the engagements being announced. The most desired female and male- from the Tag me! engagement gained a fair amount of fans and walked away with an impressive illuminated 70cl bottle of Belvedere Vodka each. Guests continued to party the night away in sophistication grooving to the music, to the accompaniment of their new acquaintances and Belvedere Vodka.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Painting Soju KL orange with A Glenmorangie Party!


So I was invited by Glenmorangie to party with them at Soju KL, a place where I've never been to for reasons such as traffic congestions and accessibility from work but heck! Glenmorangie throws good parties so I might as well make use of my otherwise mundane Friday night.

Soju KL is actually quite spacious when you head in with a stage ready for live band performances and your usual event shenanigans. Opposite the stage you have the DJ console are which I think doesn't really suit the position. Then again, Soju KL seems to be more of a drinking pub than a raving club, so do expect crowds to be of a slightly elder age group having a drink after a week of stressful meetings and yuppie taunting.

But of course, there were still some pretty excited Young uns all ready for an exclusive night with everyone's favourite Single Malt Whisky, the Glenmorangie.

A stretch of Happy faces can always be spotted around these events la, there is always some one whos is more than willing to cheers you to a night of happening beats and smiling faces!

Glenmorangie Parties also come with mini giveaways of a bottle of Glenmorangie so do make sure you know what's gonna happen that night!

Hehe also, never forget to ALWAYS ALWAYS Party hard at Glenmorangie's

For updates on the latest Parties from Glenmorangie like them on

Monday, October 13, 2014

Movie Review: Bang Bang! Hindi Movie


If there was ever to be one movie I would recommend a friend to watch this quarter of the year, it will most definitely be Bang Bang! This might be the first official Hindi to be watch by me in the silver screens but I think it's safe to say that it was pretty damn good.

The story revolves around a mysterious individual who took on a job by an international wanted criminal to steal a famous Indian crown diamond.

The rest of the storyline is more or less predictable but yet remains very fresh with it's entertaining dance sequences, overpowered action choreography and love chemistry between the two dazzling stars. Something that many Hollywood blockbusters tend to over complicated these days, straight forward action with probably timed explosions.

Think Expendables 1, 2 and 3 packed into one guy.

The movie runs 2 hours and 22 mins but was paced well enough to avoid any boring phases and even the bollywood style dances were creatively choreographed.

So if you are looking for an entertaining action film that is different from your everyday consumption, I strongly recommend for you to start of with Bang Bang! I am pretty sure you will downloading your way to a folder full of Hindi films after that!

Movie in 3 words: Exciting, Creative, Badass

Rating: 8/10

But if this is not good enough to persuade you to watch it, this might do it for the ladies. 

As for the guys...

There is always some good explosions for you 

BANG BANG! is in cinemas from 2nd October 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Glenmorangie Party Series presents: Down The Rabbit Hole 2014

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Promising not to be outshined by the other parties happening this October, Glenmorangie is more than ready to bring the Glenmorangie taste to the best and most happening venues is the heart of our beloved KL

Journey down the Rabbit Hole

Bring all your friends and party people

Experience a night...

Unnecessary Well Made by Glenmorangie, your favourite Single Malt Whiskey.

Glenmorangie always offers a wide variety of epic nights that ranges from your everyday live bands, comedy acts to the epic clubbing nights! So be sure to head over to the Rabbit Hole for yet about journey with Glenmorangie!

So enough that "where should we go tonight" moments and just grab your friends for a shiny orange night at the Rabbit Hole, you might even win yourself a bottle Glenmorangie to party it hard too!

So see you there and let's party it up!

Source: truthshuggiie

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Carlsberg celebrates Octoberfest with introduction of the Bier Bike!


The month of October signals the awakening of many people before September ended, to greet these people it is the time to celebrate... with the annual Octoberfest! A night of ultimate beerventure and german themed pop songs that will sure to get your legs tapping and your beer mugs rising! 

This year, Carlsberg will be taking this beloved festival to a nationwide level with joint collaborations with it's many affiliated pubs across Malaysia to bring this Bavarian beer to everyone who enjoys it! We are talking about Johor, Penang, Ipoh and many more who will be ALL IN for the celebrations!

 The finale of this awesome month will once again be held for 3 days at One Utama's Open Car Park! From 10th October to 12th October 2014! So get your all your friends ready for Malaysia's biggest Octoberfest celebration with Carlsberg!

And if plenty of beer and food is not going to impress you, I am sure these girls below will change your mind a bit! Hehe

See you there!

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