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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Wind Rises by Studio Ghibli's Legendary Miyazaki now available on DVD!


One last bang before it's hiatus, Studio Ghibli released it's final film, The Wind Rises directed by it's legendary Hayao Miyazaki Sensei! Although the movie is not available on the silver screen anymore, fans can rejoice because the original DVD equiped with dubs and subs is now available at your nearest Speedy Video or Movie Magic. ( For those who didn't manage to grab t at the Animangaki 2014)

The Wind Rises’ is Miyazaki’s swan song to Studio Ghibli and in true Ghibli fashion features the quintessential 2D animation that fans have come to associate with the studio. The movie features the story of Jiro Horikoshi a simple Japanese aircraft engineer whose dream is to build beautiful aircrafts but eventually he gets caught in the struggles of heartbreak and war.

It's one of the best Miyazaki film I must say, as I grew up with Ghibli and it's many animation. The Wind Rises does give a rather mature taste to the animation. 

Check out my full Review here: 

On top of that, I also managed to visit the Nozomi Studio Ghibli mini set up at Animangaki 2014, another successful year for the growing ACG event and yet an impressive attendance by ACG fans across Malaysia and some foreign friends as well. 

The Main Sponsor for the Event, which was Vivo Smartphone made it's debut in the Malaysia Market with 3 very impressive phones to offer to the Malaysian community. I manage to play around with it and I dare say it has one of the best camera functions and photo quality against many other high end smartphones, not to mention the fact that it's freaking thin! 

Have a hands on with the Vivo smartphone when you see it! It's pretty good and breaths a fresh air into the saturated smartphone field. 

And I shall end my post with a picture of one of the many cute cosplayers you can find in these ACG events. Enjoy everyone! :)

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