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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kampai To Another Exciting night at H-Artistry Penang 2014

H-Artistry hits up Penang once again and fgave the crowd an awesome good time.

This year, H-Artistry treated itself with a brand new concept powered by it's signature drinks and great performances! The AOM Lounge has been revamped and now drinks are served at the bar with a rectangular shape and 4-5 servers on each side. 

The bar doubles up as a dance podium where the crowd would be treated with performances by some very talented ladies just to warm up the mood a bit. The new layout of the AOM lounge is great but could really use some extra crowd control as the entrance was sort of packed whilst further back there was a lot of empty space. The projection of past H-Artistry moments was interesting as well, there should be moments where you can focus people on the videos being played just for the extra excitement. 

The main area itself continues to spot the iconic Zones for the different level of party-goers and the area for SPICE was pretty okay except for a tiny issue which I will mention further down the post. Located at the every turn would be the sought-after bars to get your free flow of drinks and tables and chairs were around for the ladies to take a rest off their gorgeous heels. 

The stage looked fantastic with a 2 decks ( one for the Emcee and another for the DJs) and a set up closer to the back for the live performances from the bands. At certain angles the stage gives out an amazing 3D feel. The lights and sounds this time around were pretty sick and the H-Artistry opener of the night was really cool (wish I had the video of it, words can't describe it) 

After the awesome opener, PaperPlane Pursuit wasted no time and flew in to the stage and started gushing out their familiar tunes to the crowd, a great live band atmosphere was created across the H-Artistry venue and it was really something different in terms of performances held form past H-Artistry. Though their music was good, the crowd was clearly getting the vibe of the whole night and they wanted MOAR! 

The always beautiful and charming Julie Woon raises to the Emcee deck and with a short introduction, immediately cued Taiwan's first ever EDM influnced Pop band Magic Power. I am not too sure how strong their fan base in Malaysia is but clearly there were some very enthusiaistic groupies in the front area and their acts were pretty good. They promised they will give it their all and they did! To the extent that their main vocalist was seemingly out of breathe haha! They ended their performance with a new dance along with their song "Marksman" 

Dj Brookln came up and pop her strong beats for the crowd to get pumping, her mix was in the moderate beat section with various tempos being played, it's probably enough for the crowd but I personally prefer a harder sound but that's just me. Many were clearly getting into a full party monster mode at this time and it was nice to see SOME people starting to dance. LOL.

My personal favorite Trio, Imma*Bleep*YouUp of IMBYU makes their official debut at H-Artistry and created a very playful set with their doreamon remix and gave the crowd a smashing wave of beats that drove the crowd to have a wonderful time. These guys are great at reading the crowd and it was indeed a great set by them and the crowd was treated with good music till the end of the night. 

It was a pleasant night with some very good company, even though many KO-ed they night *cough cough* I wasn't one of them haha, wake up no hangover despite getting super drunk. 

The only problem ( taken from top) was the toilets. There simply wasn't enough toilets but it's not something we can fix easily haha there will NEVER be enough toilets at awesome parties like these, and the crowd got slightly rowdy towards the end again it's not something rare. Haha

ALL in ALL another great H-Artistry night! Looking forward to the next one! Wootz 

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