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Saturday, May 17, 2014

H-Artistry is ready to wow your night, Penangites!

It's today! Penangites are you all set for a great night of smooth flowing drinks and fist pumping action?

The artists of the night are all ready to pumped up the volume with an awesome mixture of rock,hip hop and EDM.

After the light hearted meet and greet with the artist, you can expect a lot of great music and a night that you wont forget!

Taiwan edm group, Magic power promises an all out performance with the malaysian crowd. It will be crazy interesting to watch these guys rock it out on stage!

Paperplane pursuit who is receiving a rising sensation on local radios are excited to bring their sounds into the H-artistry mix and there seems to be a unique collab coming out of it as well!

First time in Malaysia, Australian DJ brooklyn seems super excited for tonight and we are ready for some heavy beats dropping from her set and she promises a lot of jumping too.

My personal favorite, the wackiest bunch of the lineup , immableepyouup or IMBYU is making their grandest appearance yet! A household in the clubbing scene, these guys will be smashing the house down with their energetic fist pumping mentally insane sets, ready yourself for some new sounds and an epic night with them!

The stage is set and it's about 6 more hours to THE super clubbing experience that is H-Artistry, get ready for one night for the books! #Hartistry to show off your awesome night too!

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