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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Movie Review: The Wind Rises; Kaze Tachinu


An absolute MUST WATCH for all fans of Anime and Hayao Miyazaki. 

A subtle tale about Jiro, a young plane designer during the World War who had aspiring dreams to build planes. His dreams were so meaningful that it crossed with another person's dream, a famous Italian Plane designer, Caproani. The film takes us on a quiet yet impactful journey of Jiro's life as he grows up to finally be able to design the planes he had dreamt and through the various sequences of his life, you get hooked very nicely through Miyazaki sensei's sense of direction. 

Vaguely base on a manga and a tribute fit for someone like Jiro, Miyazaki and his production team gave the film a quality worthy of any film awards. A smooth flowing storyline, characters whom you fall in love immediately and that subtle hint of sadness that doesn't leave u in tears but gives you something more. Something that i would like to call " The gift of hope"

Be captured by it's unique art direction as Miyazaki explores the grounds of dreams and reality over a subtle tale of an individual's life. The film is most suitable for a more mature audience as it doesn't have the same hook for children some of his other works. Most definitely one of the top of his works. 

The movie runs about 2 hours and is definitely a good watch. 

Movie in 3 words: Beautiful, Compelling, Thoughful

Rating: 9/10

Bersih 3.0 and I

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