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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throw out a fishing LINE and rope in a great shopping experience with LINE Shopping!

Remember Cony and Moon and James and that other guy? Yes, yes, yes. The gang is ready to once again rock your messaging world with LINE shopping! A new way to find your favourite items!

To celebrate the launch, LINE executed a few activites that will sure get the fans rolling in! :P

LINE Stickers!
The first would be the iconic LINE stickers, a new set of LINE shopping stickers were released and is free to download once you have added LINE shopping into your friends list.

Name your own price
Probably the most unique activity thus far from LINE, followers can insert an amount in which they think the featured item is worth.

Here are the steps to join:- 
(Valid for a certain duration at anytime, receive updates on new products thru the LINE official account)

1. Add LINE Shopping (Official Account) by clicking this link on your smartphone -
2. Fill in the “Entry Form” which will be sent via LINE Shopping.
3. Answer all of the questions in the “Entry Form” and enter an amount between RM10.00 ~ RM1,000.00. (Example: 201.09, without spacing and symbol or even RM)

How do you win? 
The participant that enters the LOWEST UNIQUE price will be given the option to purchase ONE unit of Limited Edition Items being featured for that period of time at the price entered in the entry form. (Example: if there are 2 entries at 10.00 and 1 entry at 10.01, then the person that entered 10.01 is the winner. LINE Malaysia will contact the winner and provide instructions on how to purchase after announcement.)

RM10 Rock Bottom Deal 

It's already here, it's as advertised, RM10 for special items. 

You can expect a variety of items being on deal and you won't be the only trying to grab it! We are talking gadgets, beauty products, collectibles and many more! 

How to get it at RM10? 

1. Add LINE Shopping (Official Account) by clicking this link on your smartphone -
2. From time to time, the LINE Shopping account will release deals that are priced at RM10 so it's good that ure such a messaging junkie right? :D

Why should you watch out for it?

1. Items featured are of high value, some even reaching RM 2k and you will never know what hit you because it's a deal you can't afford to miss! Imaging getting an ipad for just RM10? 
2.  Authentic and real, there is no trick plays, no wires, no foul play just authentic rock solid deals for the users of LINE. 
3. RM10 lah, RM10 for any gadget is super worth it. It's better to have the app and account in hand then to suffer the regret of not knowing such a great deal is happening lor. 

It's super interesting for LINE to launch this function and it looks like it will be a good trend soon to have such a convenience at the palm of your hand. 

Don't miss out on this new trend and great deals! Download LINE now! 




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