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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Movie Review; 300: Rise Of An Empire

First of all, this is probably my first movie review in very long long time. Mainly work commitments along other important things have been keeping my blogging prowess at bay but I am definitely going to make more time for it and for many other things as well.

So here goes...

Movie reviews from now on will be more of a personal opinion rather than viewing it from angles other than myself so if I like it and you realize you like it too then I am glad we agree on something and if you don't like it then maybe another movie bro/sis.

Normally I would try to reduce the amount of spoilers to a minimum but I don't think I need to that for this because most of you hot blooded man and hunk oogling girls would have watched it by now.

So before you read on, I would strongly suggest you watch the first "300" movie.

The cold hard truth is that...I ALMOST hated the movie, it came as a disappointed to me mostly because I thought I would be seeing some rather nifty action choreography and maybe even more macho manliness but thanks to the way the story was written, I was stuck with amazingly time consuming slow-mo action and no spartan action. I mean the other guys did quite well despite being farmers and carpenters ( actually they did unrealistically well) but that kid without man hair over his face and body was quite pointless because he was basically there to dramatize the death of another character whom we already couldn't care lesser than now.

It's a movie which you might not be as entertained but you have to bloody watch it as well cause the next one after this would possibly be awesome. When I was watching the movie, part of me wanted to go home and watch the first movie soooooo badly.

A round of applause for the gorgeously gothic Eva green for her role of Artemisia, nice one!

Rating: 5/10

"Watchable but the next one would probably be more satisfying so till den watch the first one again after this, you know you want to... *smirk* "


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