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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throw out a fishing LINE and rope in a great shopping experience with LINE Shopping!

Remember Cony and Moon and James and that other guy? Yes, yes, yes. The gang is ready to once again rock your messaging world with LINE shopping! A new way to find your favourite items!

To celebrate the launch, LINE executed a few activites that will sure get the fans rolling in! :P

LINE Stickers!
The first would be the iconic LINE stickers, a new set of LINE shopping stickers were released and is free to download once you have added LINE shopping into your friends list.

Name your own price
Probably the most unique activity thus far from LINE, followers can insert an amount in which they think the featured item is worth.

Here are the steps to join:- 
(Valid for a certain duration at anytime, receive updates on new products thru the LINE official account)

1. Add LINE Shopping (Official Account) by clicking this link on your smartphone -
2. Fill in the “Entry Form” which will be sent via LINE Shopping.
3. Answer all of the questions in the “Entry Form” and enter an amount between RM10.00 ~ RM1,000.00. (Example: 201.09, without spacing and symbol or even RM)

How do you win? 
The participant that enters the LOWEST UNIQUE price will be given the option to purchase ONE unit of Limited Edition Items being featured for that period of time at the price entered in the entry form. (Example: if there are 2 entries at 10.00 and 1 entry at 10.01, then the person that entered 10.01 is the winner. LINE Malaysia will contact the winner and provide instructions on how to purchase after announcement.)

RM10 Rock Bottom Deal 

It's already here, it's as advertised, RM10 for special items. 

You can expect a variety of items being on deal and you won't be the only trying to grab it! We are talking gadgets, beauty products, collectibles and many more! 

How to get it at RM10? 

1. Add LINE Shopping (Official Account) by clicking this link on your smartphone -
2. From time to time, the LINE Shopping account will release deals that are priced at RM10 so it's good that ure such a messaging junkie right? :D

Why should you watch out for it?

1. Items featured are of high value, some even reaching RM 2k and you will never know what hit you because it's a deal you can't afford to miss! Imaging getting an ipad for just RM10? 
2.  Authentic and real, there is no trick plays, no wires, no foul play just authentic rock solid deals for the users of LINE. 
3. RM10 lah, RM10 for any gadget is super worth it. It's better to have the app and account in hand then to suffer the regret of not knowing such a great deal is happening lor. 

It's super interesting for LINE to launch this function and it looks like it will be a good trend soon to have such a convenience at the palm of your hand. 

Don't miss out on this new trend and great deals! Download LINE now! 




Thursday, March 13, 2014

Asahi Malaysia Presents: Haunted House Arena Feat. Knife Party at FMFA 2014


Super Psyched to hear my all time favorite Japanese Beer is leading the charge with a whole stage under their wings and it's none other than the awesome Knife Party!

Asahi Malaysia is the official beer sponsor for the Haunted House Arena exclusively made by none other than the awesome duo Knife party!

Knife Party has always been a name i wish I could tick off my " want to rave with DJs" pretty stoked that I can finally do that. They are gonna be the first I tick off for 2014, best way to kick start a year of upcoming raves!

A heroic blend of electronic sounds and a upbeat mix of non stop fist pumping action to get your through the night, you would miss out a huge load if you don't come over to the Haunted House Arena on Day 3. Goes perfectly well with Asahi too! No doubt about that!

Chase & Status as well as Harlem Shake wonder Baauer joins the line up in the Haunted House Arena, I heard that Baauer blazed Future Music Festival in Sydney so I am definitely hoping he will blow the haze away as well!

Since Asahi's rise to glory about 2 years ago, it has been non stop great parties and great company with them. It's a pleasure to have been there when they first launched and it's definitely a great pleasure to have grown so much with them as well. Looking forward to a possible Asahi Festival in future too! *wink wink*

So remember to grab many cans of Asahi and enjoy the night at Haunted House Arena!

See you there and Have a great weekend! #ASAHIXFMFA14 woootz

picture credit to Asahi Facebook page

A quick recommendation for Future Music Festival Asia 2014, FMFA2014

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It's finally here, the long awaited 3rd year for Future Music Festival Asia. Undoubtly, one of the biggest music festival in South East Asia now, spanning over 3 days and supported by #ASOT650. FMFA is no doubt the MUST GO music festival of the year.

With the noise of FMFA echoing across all the media channel and the huge hype around it, not to mention the promised appearance of Pharrell Williams and Macklemore with Ryan Lewis, Malaysia's peoples is definitely ready rumble in the jungle!

One can expect the usual rave kakis and an increase in people who are going to experience raves for the first time, so here are some recommendations that you can follow if you are not too busy waiting for Willaims and Macklemore crew.

Day 1: Deadmau5 and friends

If you manage to book an off day and want to kick start your FMFA weekend early then you should definitely get yourself ready for some seriously good stuff. This line-up is definitely the most under rated day of all 3 FMFA  days.

From Local DJs Eva T and BATE up until the legendary Deadmau5 my only advise is to eat early, get a few booze in and you will be having the bestest Thursday of your entire life.

Adventure Club, the  hard hitting dubstep crew with a progressive mix is sure to bring their A game to the show and it's going to be epic awesome.

Will Sparks, a young prodigy and having worked with top Djs like Afrojack will definitely be sending some electric Shockwaves across Bukit Jalil

R3HAB, my personal favorite is never gonna disappoint.

The euphoric Deadmau5 will be ending the night with a surely awesome display of Euphoric melodies and all I can hope is that he brought his baby " Cube" to Malaysia!

Summary: Day 1 is gonna be epic and should be there for each and everyone of the acts.

Day 2: A State of Trance 650 #ASOT650

The King of Trance makes his way back to KL and is ready to make you dance the night away with a fresh and light hearted line-up. 

A perfect balance of young and experience DJs, you best be sure to watch out for Omnia's Progressive Trance mix and it will definitely be a treat to have Paul Van Dyk end the night!

Armin will definitely be dropping loads of new songs like "Save the night and Ping pong" So best you come early and enjoy the night.

The Trance Family is coming out to party and they are going to party hard!

Day 3 : Future Music Festival Asia 2014

Stage 1:

Bassjackers, Arty and Eric Prydz will definitely be the ones you should try out if you are new to the EDM scene. It's Eric Prydz, Mr Pryda himself's first time in Asia and his fans are going bonkers for his debut show.

Stage 1 brings the complete set of great EDM into one stage and it won't be surprising if some people decides to camp here the whole time. 

Stage 2:

Stage 2 brings about more live shows to entertaint the preference of live show lovers, with Pharrell, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis boosting tickets sales up a notch, you should not be neglecting the electronic sounds of Rudimental to end the night. 

So if you are ready to be happy to some pop music . 10pm to 12.30pm will be your time to shine here at stage 2! 

Stage 3:

My most anticipated stage also named as the Haunted House Arena, I can finally tick Knife Party off my bucket list! Knife Party will definitely be the headliner here. 

For those who are into Drum and Bass, Chase & Status is here to rock your night out. 

Stage 4:

Stage 4 is a unique blend of hip hop and EDM, most of the DJs are superb in their own domain but you should definitely look at Deniz Koyu ending the night, I also heard that Gesaffelstein can't make so that's a bummer. Xu & Terence C our local boys will make a great warm up set too! 

Safari Bar and 1st Class VIP area:

 A series of Local and overseas talents will be spinning in the chill out zones to keep you in the mood the whole 3 days so if you need a rest, drop by at the safari bar for a drink and relax till the next set time. 

With that being said, we are going into a 3 day epic mayhem and pls stay hydrated and drink loads of water, consume you alcohol moderately and enjoy this unforgettable weekend. 

For all the information you need for Future Music Festival Asia 2014, Download the app now!

Apple :
Google Play :

See you there! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Movie Review; 300: Rise Of An Empire

First of all, this is probably my first movie review in very long long time. Mainly work commitments along other important things have been keeping my blogging prowess at bay but I am definitely going to make more time for it and for many other things as well.

So here goes...

Movie reviews from now on will be more of a personal opinion rather than viewing it from angles other than myself so if I like it and you realize you like it too then I am glad we agree on something and if you don't like it then maybe another movie bro/sis.

Normally I would try to reduce the amount of spoilers to a minimum but I don't think I need to that for this because most of you hot blooded man and hunk oogling girls would have watched it by now.

So before you read on, I would strongly suggest you watch the first "300" movie.

The cold hard truth is that...I ALMOST hated the movie, it came as a disappointed to me mostly because I thought I would be seeing some rather nifty action choreography and maybe even more macho manliness but thanks to the way the story was written, I was stuck with amazingly time consuming slow-mo action and no spartan action. I mean the other guys did quite well despite being farmers and carpenters ( actually they did unrealistically well) but that kid without man hair over his face and body was quite pointless because he was basically there to dramatize the death of another character whom we already couldn't care lesser than now.

It's a movie which you might not be as entertained but you have to bloody watch it as well cause the next one after this would possibly be awesome. When I was watching the movie, part of me wanted to go home and watch the first movie soooooo badly.

A round of applause for the gorgeously gothic Eva green for her role of Artemisia, nice one!

Rating: 5/10

"Watchable but the next one would probably be more satisfying so till den watch the first one again after this, you know you want to... *smirk* "

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