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Friday, February 7, 2014

[WIN TICKETS] Hotlink 4G Brings The Party To Sunway Beach With Da Mouth and DJ Tenashar


Maxis zooms into the Chinese New Year in a bright red with the launch of Hotlink 4G, your prepaid with the fastest speed in town!

It's great to see that Maxis has not abandoned the prepaid users on the 4G race, bringing such a speedy convenience to the prepaid community is definitely something to celebrate as the world connects in more ways than one via digital means. Now everyone can surf the net, surfing it fast too!

It's easy to get hold of these 4G simpacks.
All customers need to do is to purchase a #Hotlink SIM pack for RM8.80, and do a 4G SIM swap at any Maxis Centre nationwide. They will then need to subscribe to a 1GB or 3GB monthly mobile internet pass, priced at RM30 and RM68 respectively, to start enjoying faster speeds on Maxis’ 4G network. To subscribe to the passes, customers need to dial *100# from their mobile phones. Customers will also get 50% more data if they purchase the monthly mobile internet passes from today until 28 February. -
Source: Maxis Site. 

Now, to pump up the spiciness of this hot hot hawt news! 

Hong Kong sensational Hip-Hop group Da Mouth or more commonly know as 大嘴吧 will be storming Sunway Surf beach this 15th February to bring you glorious Canton Hip- hop to be enjoyed by all. Expect a night of melodious hip hop tunes and smart witted lyrics to capture your CNY spirit and party it with Hotlink !

Here is a short clip of Da Mouth coming to Malaysia!

To add on to all the excitement, Hotlink smokes up the stage at Sunway Surf beach with a line up of sizzling Hot DJs - A display of Female DJs getting ready to get it hot at the Surf Beach!

Join DJ Tenashar, DJ Leng Yein and DJ Jerryca Misty as they will be spamming an array of music to get you into a festive partying mood so you wouldn't want to miss that do you?


It's simple!

All you need to do is tell me what's the hot level this concert is going to be and how ure going to make it even hotter!

Write your HAWT HAWTHAWT answer in the comments section of this blog along with your email and you might be one of the 5 creatively hot people to win a pair of VIP passes worth RM288 each to this burning awesome party next week! :) Only 5 winners will be chosen!

SO start now!


Once you're in the running to win the VIP tickets, pretty sure you would want to win even more tickets for your friends so here's how you can do it too!

Once you're in the running to win the VIP tickets, pretty sure you would want to win even more tickets for your friends so here's how you can do it too!


Subscribe to a 1GB or 3GB mobile Internet pass. Click here to find a pass that suits your needs and enjoy 50% more data with your monthly pass.

Send ‘CNY’ to 22253

A question will be sent to you. Answer it in the fastest time possible!

If you’re a winner, we’ll let you know via SMS. 13 pairs of tickets to be given away every day.

You can grab more info here!

So get ready to paaaaartaaaay!


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