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Friday, December 13, 2013

Journey with Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze Race

As the "peanuts- Afrojack" alarm tone breaks the silence of a chilly Sunday morning, it took me 4 snoozes to actually get off my bed. I must have been excited because i usually just sleep through all 24 snooze.

After showering and putting on my most comfortable outfits and with a slice of wholemeal bread in my mouth I kickstarted my engine and headed for the curve. That was about 8am and cruising along the smooth Sunday morning roads with a whiff of Sunday air ( much cleaner compared to the smokey weekday ones) parked at E Curve cause it's RM3 per entry and found myself in an almost empty parking floor.

Emerged from the basement carpark on the ground floor and said Hi to the cleaning ladies who were diligently working so that we can clean floors to dirty later on in the day. Exit the mall through a small door and was greeted by a convoy of Protons and a Maxis standies and banners.

I was here for the Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze Race. Maxis was keen to throw something for the bloggers to bring the 4G speedy goodness and great fun into one big event and thus the race was born.

We were given lanyards upon registration to help identify our team mates which was picked randomly by Maxis and with a bit of luck I was teamed up with Beauty blogger Chan Won who seems to be getting a great deal of attention from certain cliche lately, Fashionista Nana(Bwincess) who needs no introduction and Alex Wong from Soyacincau (top tech blogs of Malaysia). I also took the oppurtunity to complain about the new HTC One's Sense 5.5 update which was draining a lot of battery.

It took a while for the other teams to arrive but we were served with sandwiches and other food for breakfast, at this point of time most of us had no idea what was going to happen but we were all getting warmed up with the teams.

The Start
Soon we started and the first challenge was to take turns to head into an arena where many helium balloons were scattered and on top of it was a QR code that would lead you to the next destination.

Of course, there were many decoys around the arena and fortunately for us, Team leader Nana shows off her skills and found the balloon we needed at first try and we rushed off to pick a car and drove off ( we picked a persona, by accident) even though the travel time does not account for the results with a bit of adrenaline it was still fun thinking that we were racing to the next locations. We once again whipped out the Samsung Note 3 that was the sole device to be used for the day and with Waze and Maxis 4G's speed we were able to be directed to the next location right way!

First Stop, Sticks and Rocks May break my bones but it's okay we can do better!

(Will update pics once available)

Arrived at Mad Monkeyz Gym, after a 20 minute ride from Curve. It was a rock climbing gym thta was situated on top of shop lots and uncertainty trickle through our blood at the time. None of us had rock climbing experience and not to mention my weight is no laughing matter at this point of time. :(

Our challenge? To scale the rock climbing wall and pick up the flag on the middle top and to put back in again afterwards. A total of 6 minutes was given, Nana, Chan Won and Alex did well but unfortunately I think I dragged the team down on this one. pffft. pretty disappointed with myself.

We didn't make the time and was awarded a 20 minute penalty to our challenge time, a penalty that most definitely kicked us out of the race and this was only the first stop, kinda wished it was like a 1 minute penalty cause that would make it more competitive as the other challenges probably would not be as hard as this one.

Left Mad Monkeyz with tired arms and a sudden drop in the stomach but we pushed on.

Second Stop, Feel the need for speed and why can't mario kart be a real sport? 

We rushed off to our next destination Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and manage to avoid the Sunday noon traffic once again with Waze and the Maxis 4G connection that was provided. I was pretty impress at how quick the internet responded to Alex.

The second challenge was  a two part series, the first one required us to download a game on to our device and each of needed to record our score on it and be sent to the admin. Thankfully it took less than 30 seconds to complete the download and we all grabbed a good high score of 13 secs each on the game Drag Racing.

After that we proceeded to go through Sunway Lagoon to search for the Go Kart track, found it straight away and got into our Karts, The ladies were taking a break this time around as Alex and I zoomed throught the tracks in what seemed to be a pretty good time.

Up until this time we were feeling pretty great and it was an enjoyable experience, we stopped by Burger King thx to the cash vouchers that was given to us. Ta Pao-ed and proceeded to our final destination!

Final Stop, Blood, Blood, and more Blood....from a watermelon.

8th team to arrive at the last venue, apparently the first 5 team tasted what seemed like hell and they were all talking about bloated and cramps in their jaw and looking at the newly set up arena it looks like it will be something really scary and messy at the same time.

After a random session of sharing stories with the other teams, we were summoned to the arena for the last battle, the watermelon massacre. Each team needs to finish the watermelon as fast as they can to be recorded to win. As giant slices of watermelon appeared in front of us, we were a bit shaken but thankfully we didn't eat too much of the burger king or lunch that was served.

When we started it was a blur, I chowed down on the watermelon like it had stolen a piece of chicken from my KFC and I was rampaging through it's red coloured flesh. It didnt take long for everyone to finish and the after scene was shocking enough to be reported in the news.

All wells ends well,we cleaned up ourselves and were invited for lunch before they announced the winners of the day. Part of me knew that we were out of the race but we really did had fun and it was also reflected in the faces of the other teams.

At the end of the day,

The winners were Team Stallion who won Maxis 4G LTE device and brand new Samsung Note 3s for everyone in the team and Team ( ?) who won Maxis 4G LTE device and brand new Ipad Mini for everyone in the team. Congratulations to both teams.

As the day ends,

It was a surprisingly short and simple race that gave us a lot of fun and it was great to know that Maxis was keen on creating better events for the bloggers to enjoy. It would be great if they would want to blow it up more to a 2 days endurance race crossing states and bringing more categories to show off their Maxis-ness.

I was also quite impressed with the speed that we were getting from the Maxis 4G network throughout the race and it was quite addictive to know that you have such fast connectivity at the palm of your hands!

Thank you for organizing a race like this and definitely will look forward to more soon!


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