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Monday, December 23, 2013

A bundle of Christmas Joy at The Roof,PJ 24th December Christmas Eve

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Squeezing your brain for the perfect Christmas dinner with your family?

What's that one place that you can eat out and all of your family members can enjoy?

It actually feels like the Roof has everything to offer. :P

For the Family dinner, make reservations for the Christmas dinner promotion and you and your family can enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner with a view of the PJ night sky.

Call their hotline NOW 0162291505 to make your reservation.

Dinner Menu:

View picture credit to

I am pretty sure that families have a lot of catching up to do especially the ladies of the family so it will be a lovely chat over fine wine as well.

Don't worry about the kids (Underage), the lovely view and spacious setting in Signature is a good spot for them to talk about their favorite games or even watch videos over their mobile devices. At least they are sharing! :)

For the men of the family, it's time to drop by SCORE which is across the halls for a dose of your weekly sporting actions with great promotions on beer tower and manly snacks as well. The lovely waitresses are pleasant for them too. XD

There's a pool table somewhere near the back too, it's a man cave there! :)

Then there is the young adults in the family, the ones that are full of energy and ready to party the Christmas eve away! 

No worries, right across SCORE is PLAY Club, a sophisticated club that brings in some of the best DJs, new and uprising the Club is a spot that you should pay attention for because they are ready to be the trending top clubs of 2014. 

Judge Jules, the one that brought up the clubbing scene in Malaysia years ago is back to celebrate Christmas with you! So get ready to dance all night to the best songs ever (ooops) 

For tables and VIP's bookings call PLAY hotline @ 013-270 3111

TICKETS (incl 1 drink):
RM 50 (Pre-Sale)
RM 65 (Door-Sale)
For tickets, please contact the numbers below
> 012.666.9351
> 017.292.6621
> 012.237.7403
> 012.269.8568

Let's not forget that The Roof offers you not 3 but FIVE unique experiences.

You can make your way up to lepakz at the Stratosphere for a night of windy breeze and an up in the air experience. :)

Aaaaaand if you are feeling for a classy encounter you can check out the Malt & Leaf for whiskey and Cigars! :)

So much to offer and so many things for everyone! Time to book your Christmas eve with The Roof :) !


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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! :)

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