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Friday, November 22, 2013

One Ok Rock Live in Malaysia 2013 : 5 most awesome moments.

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Like a dream, the 1.5 hours of pure amazingness from One Ok Rock Live in Malaysia passed by in a flash of brilliance.

Even if the venue was slightly weak, it did not damp down the level of showmanship and energy that One Ok Rock projected that night. Fans screamed and sang along the list of songs that were played that night. From the melodramatic C.H.A.O.S.M.Y.T.H to headbangers such as No Scared.

It was a night where fans of Malaysia finally get to taste the epicness that this Japanese Rock Group has established since years back.

5 moments that really made me proud to have been supporting them all this while, in no particular order.

That everybody JUMP moment.

It's no rare sight for fans when we see Taka demonstrate his explosive jumping abilities on stage and when Taka asked everyone to get ready to jump, without hesitation everyone squat down to wait for that cue and when we DID jump...the feeling was estatic! THAT got everyone into the mood since the beginning.

The chanting of OooOoooOOOOoooo for "Answer is Near"

It was long and emotional moment to be led by Taka to chant the melodic OoooOooOOooo for what seemed like and endless time and when Tomoya bashes in that drum beat you knew it was awesomesauce.

When Taka, Ryota, Toru and Tomoya greeted everyone in Malay

Partially expecting them to be introducing themselves in Malay but it was still awesome to know that they spoke super well and it was more than a few sentence long. Such effort to learn part of our language and to have spoken it so well too! MALAYSIA BAIK! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

That continously rocking moment with No Scared, Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer, Re:make

Probably the most estatic moment through the night, screamed my lungs out and lost my voice temporary, every lyrics were so clear to me even though it was in Japanese... The guy next to me was probably having multiple orgasms.

The emotional Encore with "Whereever You Are" and OOR's sincere apology and addressing that they were sorry that the show started late. (But they actually didn't)

Considered one of the most touching OOR song of all time, every fan would know this and sang along... it was a very touching moment and continued with Taka's apology that the opening act didn't play and that they started late, actually they didn't start latelah but it was amazing to know that they taken that time to address it. So down to earth la these guys!

An awesomely unforgettable night with One Ok Rock, I would definitely want to attend the 3-4 hour massive concerts that they always have in Japan! It was a waste that they didnt sing some of their older songs that I absolutely adore like Lost AND Found, Naihi Shinsho and 100%. Till Next time den!

One Ok Rock Daisuke! One Ok Rock Banzai! One Ok Rock Kakui!

*pictures taken with HTC One Exposure smallest, ISO 200.

*Pictures shown doesnt depict exact time of epic moments mentioned.:)

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