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Thursday, November 21, 2013

One Ok Rock, Belveder Vodka, Zedd, Axwell, BATE, 100 Plus, Jay Park, weekends don't get anymore exciting than this!

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Probably the most diversify weekend I am going to have from today onwards till Sunday!

Ranging from Jrock, to EDM to Kpop, The weekend is going to be wild and epic to no limits lor......

Its gonna start off with one of my favorite Jrock bands! One OK Rock!

Followed by a tantalizing night of VIP clubbing with Belvedere Vodka at The Roof, PJ~

Then after the Hangovers, it's going to be a RAVING good Saturday at Wicked Festival! 

I will definitely be one awesome night for the books!

Sunday will be a bit more toned down, might drop by the curve to check out this 100plus machine that gives out free cans! Wootz Grab all the cans! (lol if can lah)

And ending the Sunday with some Kpop by korean/american wonder boy Jay Park at Zouk for a private showcase.

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