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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Deborah Henry Foundation and I Darts trinity presents Back To School Fugee School!

It's not everyday society gets to see the combination of a sweet lovely being, the purest form of kindness and a well established entertainment hub band together in the name of charity and shaping the future.

So when asked if I would like to share a fun-filled yet meaningful evening to the corners of the digital space then my immediate answer would be yes!

After a quick look around Deborah Henry's foundation it was an eye opener at at the things they do and hope to achieve. so it's only appropriate if you donate a night of your usual happy hours to I Darts Trinity this 27th November! 

Here is also an excerpt found on the I Darts Trinity Fb Page
" I Darts Trinity presents : A Back-to-School themed Event in aid of Fugee School. Fugee School is an education hub for refugee kids in Malaysia spearheaded by the one and only Deborah Henry. Proceeds from this Event will be contributed to Deborah's foundation and the money will be used to educate the children.
Tickets will be on sale at our Cashier starting FRIDAY. Tickets will be limited to 200 pieces so grab them whilst they're still available! Play a part in changing the lives of those less fortunate than you. At Trinity, we believe in giving back. Join us on our quest to making this world a better place.
To find out how you can further contribute to the Fugee School, please head on over to For more info on Deborah and her foundation, there's always Wikipedia "

So if you are planning on happy hours tomorrow night then it's 2 birds with one stone when you choose I Darts Trinity with Deborah Henry for that night!

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