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Friday, October 25, 2013

Win tickets to Hennessy Artistry KL 2013 at MIECC

It's here again and representing the most epic clubbing experience of the year! Hennessy Artistry is set to rock MIECC once again 2nd November 2013!

The acts are set and the venue ready! All that's left is for you to win a pair of invites to the most epic clubbing party of the year with an array of electrifying acts!

I have 2 pairs to be given out for this year and all you need to do is follow the steps below!

Answer these 2 simple questions and complete the slogan in the comments section of this post for a chance to win a pair of invites!

Question 1. 
How many version of the Hennessy Long drinks can you experience at EVERY Hennessy Artistry event?
Question 2.
Name 2 acts that will be electrifying the crowd this 2nd November 2013.
Hennessy Artistry brings ___________ (be as creative as you can, in no more than 50 words)

*Give your answers in the comment section of this blogpost along with your contact email. 
*Results will be announced on the 28th October 2013 in this same post so stay tuned!

If you already have tickets to Hennessy Artistry pls don't forget to arrange your transports early or better yet.... book a hotel like me!

I booked mine using and it was pretty easy and here is a link to ease your search.

I would recommend Mines Wellness Hotel since I stayed there last year as well. :)
Party hard and drink responsibly!


The contest has ended and the winners are CWKen and Tony Teh, the winners will be notified via email of invite collection. Thank you for participating, hope to be able to give out more invites the the coming events! 

*Still have not gotten your tickets?

Head on to to see if you can win a pair today!


ejlim said...

Hi Benjamin, my answers for this contact are as below:

Question 1: 4 versions
Question 2 : Neon Hitch, NS Yoon-G
Slogan : Hennessy Artistry brings the party innovations to the next level, with awesome line-ups and tantalizing acts, and creates unforgettable memories for those attending, including me!


Thank you and I look forward to hear good news!

Elwyn~! said...

Do I even qualify to go? Well givei t a try none the less.

1. There are 4 versions

2. Lapsap and Jochen Miller

Slogan: Henessy Artistry brings together awesome friends for an awesome night for some fabulous drinks with performances that would electricize you for a night to remember your whole life.

Unknown said...

1. There are 4 versions.

2. NS Yoon-G!!!! & LapSap

3. Hennessy Artistry brings together the best of performances in their art form, doused with a free flow of the classy Hennessy for a perfect night, and perfect party.


shueili said...

1. 4 versions
2. NS Yoon-G, Dmitry KO

Hennessy Artistry brings together the best of music, drinks, and peoples. It's form a beautiful night full of enjoyment to us with blend of music from worldwide to present The Global Art of Mixing perfectly.


Skyhook said...

1: 4 versions
2: Neon Hitch, Lapsap
Slogan: Hennessy Artistry brings all the joys to people and drinking awesome drink with friends and also enjoy the party like a boss.

Baby said...

1) 4 versions
2) Neon Hitch & NS Yoon-G

Hennessy artistry brings together some of the most talented artists on stage for an eclectic mix of music, ranging from hip hop to pop, rock or electronic music. This ultimate experience includes mixing bars where you’ll learn ‘The Art Of Blending’ through a variety of Hennessy inspired drinks.

CWKen said...

Q1: 4 versions
Q2: Jochen Miller and Lapsap

Hennessy Artistry brings the combination of great talented musicians and performers with great drinks on the house to produce an unique and exciting party experience. Party go-ers not only be able enjoy tasty and quality Hennessy mixes but also enjoy quality music and performance. It will definitely be a night to remember for 2013!

Unknown said...

1) 4 versions
2) Jochen Miller & NS Yoon-G

Hennessy Artistry brings nothing but Korean vases and disc jockeys to indulge young and trendy party animals and free flow-goers of Malaysia, every single year. But more importantly, it's the awesomeness of Hennessy cognac that drives the people into the wild legendary nights!


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