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Monday, October 21, 2013

Random Food at Random Places

I have to admit that over the pass week I have been chowing down on too much food, much more than my usual consumption which will now lead to stricter eating habit monitoring. XD

But over the week I chowed down on various places for the first time , some were bad, some awesome and some were unique. Come let me intro you to a few.


Canton-i at One Utama

Came here looking for breakfast dim sum with Brother and mom before we jalan-jalan. I am speechless as to why this place always seems so full, maybe the siew yoke nice or the noodles are springy but I am pretty sure they are not here for the dim sum.

Little variety (since they focus on the noodles and rice?) , lazy culinary preparation and overly stale items ( the kind that was properly re-steamed a few times) We tried as many as we could but we weren.t satisfied with any. So here is a picture.

Even the skin looks dry when served

Coliseum PJ

One of my colleagues decides to leave the company and we thought we should have a farewell dinner with him, he was a German dude and it was with a heavy heart that we see him leave. But the industry we are in is one that is super small so I am sure we will bump into each other again. We had our dinner at Coliseum at Plaza 33, PJ.  A direch branch out from the one near Sogo. 

Looking at the fact that they had a reputation to keep from the ancient main branch, they probably disappointed almost all of us. Moderately priced but nothing to shout about, I had something called 4 chicken in 1 which sounds pretty sexciting in another context but was a letdown in this. The place was still packed though...

Yea, I will make my own version soon. -_-

At a social event #churpout2013

KyoChon Malaysia. Chikin wings K Style.

Making it's debut at a stall during Churpout2013 was KyoChon from Korea. These chicken wings specially endorsed by Super Junior were a big hit at the event and deserved an applause for it;s taste and consumption texture but might wanna be a bit more generous when it comes to the price. Despite that, it's something that you should try Original or Spicy will be your own pick. It's crispy and Juicy though a bit small but you know what they say about Napolean no?

Their main outlet is opening in One Utama soon i think. 

Get em wings hot, they have a plastic glove for you to eat too. No more messy betsy. 

Up up and away....

Gohtong Jaya 66 Corner

Ryan drove us up to Genting to experience the Halloween Horror Spirits 2 happening at Genting now! Next session will be 24-27th Oct 2013, so go check it out next week but don't go with the crowd (it's a buzz kill) After the whole thing we chilled at Starbucks ( like Teenagers sial) then Ryan proceeded to win some dough with the RM50 i lent him and I lose my own RM50. 1.30am and we headed down, searched the middle of the mountain and found this 66 Corner kopitiam at Gohtong Jaya, The siew yuk rice and curry noodles were pretty good but the Dim sum were really bad so don't order that aite? 

Here is a picture of the not so nice Dim Sum...but thanks Ryan for the ride and meal. XD 

Sometimes picture can tipu oso. 

Last but not least.

The best meal of the week goes to Suki-Ya Pavillion. 

All you can eat for RM38++ a bit, savour on free flow of chicken, Lamb and beef meat in rich tasting soup stocks and a food bar with various other food to choose from... So be sure to come with an empty stomach and chow down some succulent meat. But sometimes the meat might not be as good though, my session was great! Might need to wait in line a while during dinner time though. :p

Keep asking for refills during the 2 hour block. 

All in all it was a good week, tired and busy the whole time. More things to happen this week so I am hoping really hard that it pass by faster. T.T

Some of the places were found at and it was really easy to use. It's available on both Google Play and iOS, it's so convenient and it helps with deciding what to eat Search HungryGoWhere Malaysia on Google Play or app store to download :D .

So.... What to eat today? Ask HungryGoWhere looooor. 

CLick on the link to find out more. :P


Unknown said...

Approved for Suki-Ya! Haven't tried all the soup yet hahaha

And the chicken wings looks nice... hope their branch open soon

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