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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Join Carlsberg Malaysia and the Best and Biggest place for Octoberfest celebration in Malaysia This Weekend

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A full mug of bier ranges from RM25-RM40 and you get to keep the limited edition mugs too!

Date: 11th Oct- 13th Oct 2013
Time: 6pm onwards
Venue: One Utama Old Wing Open Air Car Park ( You can't miss it)

Every year Carlsberg Malaysia plays host to the German celebration of beer!

Drop by One Utama from 11th Oct - 13th Oct 2013 and you won't miss that huge tent at the Old Wing car park!

Lovely Dirndl girls, a wide range of German beer and your favourite Carlsberg, an enthusiastic and authentic German band and lots and lots of dancing! A celebration not to be missed with your lovely friends and BFFs.

Everyone is welcomed and ADMISSION IS FREE, long tables and tall tables are all ready for you and your friends so come early and get to the party! 

We had a blast last night and there will be two more nights for this once a year celebration so go shopping at One Utama then grab your dinner and booze at the old wing car park today! :) 

It will good times and great fun. Promise!

It doesn't matter if you are looking for the cool Octoberfest mug, a place to drink or even to propose your marriage or whatnot, head on to the One Utama Car Park from 12th -13th October for a hella good time with your favourite bier! PROST! PROST! PROST!

These girls are eager to serve you too! :)

Photocredit: MY HTC ONE

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