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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How To Pour A Pint of Heineken Star Serve

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When you head to an outlet for a pint of beer, do you ever pay attention to how your beer is being poured and served? Well, I don't!

When I heard of the Heineken Star Serve it took me a while to digest that there is actually an international standard of serving the perfect pint of Heineken and that it actually has it's own yearly draught master championship to find uprising beer servers. So when I got the invite to attend a Heineken Star Serve, it seemed right that I should have a look and see what the fuss was all about.

Just to set things straight, I may be a frequent beer drinker and occasionally engage in the ritual "downing" of beers but that doesn't mean I don't know how to taste a pint great tasting beer.

So when Mr. Keith Nair, GAB Professional Solutions Manager and Heineken Draught Master explained the importance and how it is crucial to be strict in the pouring process I was interested to give it a try, how hard could it be right?

So after a bit of a briefing and several tries, I realized that it was indeed a task that requires discipline, precision and of course a love for good beer being served.

At the end, I didn't manage to pour the perfect serve but after tasting the authentic perfect serve as well as going through the process of getting it right has definitely opened my eyes to a higher level of tasting the best beers.

Was joined with the group at the workshop so it wasn't that awkward plus most of us "cannot make it lah"


Here we have Keith Nair demonstrating how it's done, full of swag too!





Serve with a smile

And look how the pretteh lady is smiling, happy with her Perfect Pour.:P
Heineken works hard to ensure world class quality of draught beer is produced in our breweries worldwide. However, if it is served wrongly, all that love and care can be destroyed at the bar, right before the drinker’s eyes,” emphasized Mr. Keith Nair, GAB Professional Solutions Manager and Heineken Draught Master. 
“Essentially, we also want to educate drinkers and the public on what a perfect Heineken is, so they can demand for it. It’s a win-win situation, where our drinkers can enjoy perfectly served beer and bars nationwide maintain their quality serve,” added Nair during the workshop.

Try out the Heineken Star Serve Digitally and see if you can produce the Perfect Pour!

To end the post will be a bird's eye view of the pouring ritual! 

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