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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Asahi brings Emma Hewitt to Electrify KL

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Snap open a can of Asahi beer and get ready for Emma Hewitt, that was the exact same action I did when I reached KL Live that particular eventful Friday night.

Manage to get media passes for the event and a chance to meet & greet with the beautiful Emma Hewitt back stage which was proven to be an unforgettable 10 mins of my life. XD

Emma is no stranger to the the trance family with her angelic vocals and collab with some of the world's top DJs. I manage to grab a shot with her and also chatted with her for a bit, just casual chatter about the country as well as her personal experience being a vocalist and song writer. It was a short yet eye opening conversation. 

Her friendliness and enthusiasm in speaking her passion sparks inspirations, it felt like she could talk all day and it's a waste that we couldn't personally bring her around Malaysia to explore and eat good food, I am sure the managers and the PR would be doing that as they will be flying to Penang for a show the next day.

Calvin got his own picture with her as well, getting all chummy with her as this fella is a ball of social energy.

After the Meet & Greet it was all about the music and the event itself was well put together for a night of great premium Asahi beer and trance music. When Emma took the stage, everyone went all sort of crazy over her. People were singing along with her and her activeness on the stage was a great display of showmanship, personally going down to the floor herself and shaking and greeting as many of her fans as she could, it was a great experience. 

The stage itself was spacious for her activeness and the light visuals were superbly done! You can see Emma spelt out at the light podiums behind her. Super Cool.

The night continued on with DJ Tyas and Joan with Emma coming out for a second performance later on, a night of enjoyment for the trance family in Malaysia I must say!

My friends and I had a great time and sorta multiplied our premium Asahi beers by a whole bunch from the initial two and ended the night a few more cans of Asahi.

A great thanks to Asahi for bringing Emma to Kuala Lumpur, FYI Asahi actually brings down quite a number of great acts as well as continuously supporting the EDM scene in Malaysia With FMFA and Club Asahi. So grab an Asahi to show support for the EDM scene as well! No i am not getting paid to do this BTW, it's the truth. :)

Also, thanks for the souvenirs. Now I have a casing which I will never use in my life ever again. Gonna cherish it kao kao. 

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