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Friday, October 25, 2013

Win tickets to Hennessy Artistry KL 2013 at MIECC

It's here again and representing the most epic clubbing experience of the year! Hennessy Artistry is set to rock MIECC once again 2nd November 2013!

The acts are set and the venue ready! All that's left is for you to win a pair of invites to the most epic clubbing party of the year with an array of electrifying acts!

I have 2 pairs to be given out for this year and all you need to do is follow the steps below!

Answer these 2 simple questions and complete the slogan in the comments section of this post for a chance to win a pair of invites!

Question 1. 
How many version of the Hennessy Long drinks can you experience at EVERY Hennessy Artistry event?
Question 2.
Name 2 acts that will be electrifying the crowd this 2nd November 2013.
Hennessy Artistry brings ___________ (be as creative as you can, in no more than 50 words)

*Give your answers in the comment section of this blogpost along with your contact email. 
*Results will be announced on the 28th October 2013 in this same post so stay tuned!

If you already have tickets to Hennessy Artistry pls don't forget to arrange your transports early or better yet.... book a hotel like me!

I booked mine using and it was pretty easy and here is a link to ease your search.

I would recommend Mines Wellness Hotel since I stayed there last year as well. :)
Party hard and drink responsibly!


The contest has ended and the winners are CWKen and Tony Teh, the winners will be notified via email of invite collection. Thank you for participating, hope to be able to give out more invites the the coming events! 

*Still have not gotten your tickets?

Head on to to see if you can win a pair today!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Movie Review: Odd Thomas 2013

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Title: Odd Thomas
Language: English
Genre: Horror / thriller/ Suspense
Running Time: 100 Minutes

In a California desert town, a short-order cook with clairvoyant abilities encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark, threatening forces. Threatened by this demonic presence Odd faces perhaps one of his most terrifying experience with the supernatural world ever!


This attempt to release yet another franchise of book related novel proves that not every novel is suited for the big screen and not every film maker has what it takes to fully reenact the imaginations that a well written novel brings to it's reader. 

Odd Thomas flops with it's inconsistency and awkward acting. The story was adapted to film but fails to truly tell the story of Odd Thomas and chooses to focus on his love life ( maybe for the first film) The film is full of what seems to be direct quotes from the novel that makes it cringe worthy over the lovey dovey-ness of the main character. Making the film super draggy even if it was just a 100min film. 

For those that are expecting badass demon slaying choreography, you will be disappointed because this is actually a mystery/thriller kind of movie. Sharing similarities to Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural, it would be best to just buy the book and read it from there. 

It took a lot of looking back into the film to finally feel the message that it wants to project in the last part of the film which might be too late for many audiences. 

Rating: 1/5

"Lack of engaging elements to keep the film going strong and finally flops for being too draggy."

BUT luckily, 
Addison Timlin is hot

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Asahi Super Dry Allstars tour returns to KL, Chyna Black 25th Oct 2013

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2013 has been super awesome thus far and when I mention about parties there has always been a beer that stands out at being the most frequent and happening beer this year.

Asahi Super Dry has been dropping party bombs like how the best DJs in the world do their drops --- smooth and mindblowing~

Fresh from their tour to Malacca and Penang, Asahi Super Dry comes back to my home and is set to rock Chyna Black this Friday 25th October 2013.

Headlining that night will DJ Faith. who has been blowing up club ceilings with Asahi for a while now so if you are looking for a fantastic Friday night to drown a week's worth of stress then it's best u head to Chyna Black this Friday.

We are all set for a great Friday night cause everything goes right with Asahi parties and here are some pictures from previous events just to tease you a bit!

Don't forget about it and bring your friends and colleagues too! There is a chance to win a HTC phone plus Asahi will be available at an awesome promotion on event night! 

Venue: Chyna Black, Jalan Ampang ( The pool)
Date: 25th Oct 2013
Time: 9pm till late

Don't miss out and see you there! :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Random Food at Random Places

I have to admit that over the pass week I have been chowing down on too much food, much more than my usual consumption which will now lead to stricter eating habit monitoring. XD

But over the week I chowed down on various places for the first time , some were bad, some awesome and some were unique. Come let me intro you to a few.


Canton-i at One Utama

Came here looking for breakfast dim sum with Brother and mom before we jalan-jalan. I am speechless as to why this place always seems so full, maybe the siew yoke nice or the noodles are springy but I am pretty sure they are not here for the dim sum.

Little variety (since they focus on the noodles and rice?) , lazy culinary preparation and overly stale items ( the kind that was properly re-steamed a few times) We tried as many as we could but we weren.t satisfied with any. So here is a picture.

Even the skin looks dry when served

Coliseum PJ

One of my colleagues decides to leave the company and we thought we should have a farewell dinner with him, he was a German dude and it was with a heavy heart that we see him leave. But the industry we are in is one that is super small so I am sure we will bump into each other again. We had our dinner at Coliseum at Plaza 33, PJ.  A direch branch out from the one near Sogo. 

Looking at the fact that they had a reputation to keep from the ancient main branch, they probably disappointed almost all of us. Moderately priced but nothing to shout about, I had something called 4 chicken in 1 which sounds pretty sexciting in another context but was a letdown in this. The place was still packed though...

Yea, I will make my own version soon. -_-

At a social event #churpout2013

KyoChon Malaysia. Chikin wings K Style.

Making it's debut at a stall during Churpout2013 was KyoChon from Korea. These chicken wings specially endorsed by Super Junior were a big hit at the event and deserved an applause for it;s taste and consumption texture but might wanna be a bit more generous when it comes to the price. Despite that, it's something that you should try Original or Spicy will be your own pick. It's crispy and Juicy though a bit small but you know what they say about Napolean no?

Their main outlet is opening in One Utama soon i think. 

Get em wings hot, they have a plastic glove for you to eat too. No more messy betsy. 

Up up and away....

Gohtong Jaya 66 Corner

Ryan drove us up to Genting to experience the Halloween Horror Spirits 2 happening at Genting now! Next session will be 24-27th Oct 2013, so go check it out next week but don't go with the crowd (it's a buzz kill) After the whole thing we chilled at Starbucks ( like Teenagers sial) then Ryan proceeded to win some dough with the RM50 i lent him and I lose my own RM50. 1.30am and we headed down, searched the middle of the mountain and found this 66 Corner kopitiam at Gohtong Jaya, The siew yuk rice and curry noodles were pretty good but the Dim sum were really bad so don't order that aite? 

Here is a picture of the not so nice Dim Sum...but thanks Ryan for the ride and meal. XD 

Sometimes picture can tipu oso. 

Last but not least.

The best meal of the week goes to Suki-Ya Pavillion. 

All you can eat for RM38++ a bit, savour on free flow of chicken, Lamb and beef meat in rich tasting soup stocks and a food bar with various other food to choose from... So be sure to come with an empty stomach and chow down some succulent meat. But sometimes the meat might not be as good though, my session was great! Might need to wait in line a while during dinner time though. :p

Keep asking for refills during the 2 hour block. 

All in all it was a good week, tired and busy the whole time. More things to happen this week so I am hoping really hard that it pass by faster. T.T

Some of the places were found at and it was really easy to use. It's available on both Google Play and iOS, it's so convenient and it helps with deciding what to eat Search HungryGoWhere Malaysia on Google Play or app store to download :D .

So.... What to eat today? Ask HungryGoWhere looooor. 

CLick on the link to find out more. :P

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Movie Review: Pain & Gain 2013

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Title: Pain & Gain
Language: English
Genre: Dark Humour/ Comedy
Running Time: 129 Minutes

It was all not enough for David Lugo, a fitness enthusiast with an american dream. Trying to achieve the wealthy lifestyle and decides to collect fellow body builders for a job that will change their lives. Their scheme of kidnapping cause awfully bad and takes a turn for the worst after many shortcomings.

What do I think about it:-
Created from true events from a 1994 crime by the character of the same name, Micheal Bay brings out the tragic yet funny incidents that happened. 

A cleverly orchestrated dark humour film that might not be appealing to many fans of the cast. However, The Rock's performance in the film was surprisingly good while Mark Wahlberg plays the role of the idiotic crime leader almost convincingly to the extend that you really believe he was a real life moron ( which was indeed true)

You don't expect much but you come out with a dirty satisfaction of watching a dysfunctional movie that was highly entertaining.  It was crude, it was nasty and it was not so nice being the victim but it was well played and told much more than what the trailer showed. 

I wouldn;t recommend just anyone to watch this but if you are adventurous for some crude and tragic event told in a funny way then by all means give it a try.

Rating: 2.5/5

"A real life event brought to the screen and yet seem so freaking unreal but it was real. Entertaining at a low level that made me feel really bad laughing at it but did satisfy me." 

The events in the story actually DID happen. After some research with Uncle google, there were some parts of the story that were fictional such as the characteristics of the victim but overall it was something dedicated to the unbelievable stupid criminals that were sentenced to death for their crimes. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Movie Review: Sadako 3D 2

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Title: Sadako 3D 2
Language: Japanese (Eng Sub)
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 96 Minutes
Five years after the first "cursed video clip" incident, the rising amount of unusual suicides increase once again and with the child of the deceased Akane ( death after delivery) being seen at almost every suicide case. The new protaganist Fuzuo Ando must now face her own past ordeals as well as an evil force that is once again seeping it's seed of despair into the world. 

What do I think about it:-This sequel was already planned before the initial shooting of the first film, while it reduced most of his horrendous cheap CGI effort to scare. The flow of the film is as shaky as ever/

With the absent of proper introduction of the once again surfacing suicide crimes, the flow of the film itself was thrown into disarray and there might be a few loud scared along the way the film itself did not achieve a much needed approval from me. 

However, the acting from protagonist Miori Takimoto and the adorable Kokoro Hisagawa was pretty impressive. 

It is without a doubt that the movie was full with painful loopholes and poor choreography of action and further lack the continuous  eeriness that many horror movie have.

The conceptualizing of the story base on the Novel "S" is still intact although being misguided for trying too hard, i still find myself awaiting the 3rd installment to this franchise as the story itself is still engaging once you understand it.

I wouldn't recommend this one to be watched in the cinema, a good download and lights off at home should do the trick! 

Rating: 1/5 

" Get pass the cheesy coincidences, bear with the poor CGI and focusing on the eye candy from time to time will help you get through the film, the story is still open ended but everything starts to fall into place now. "

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Heineken Thirst 2013 First Wave Line up announced: W&W, Nervo and David Guetta are IN! Rave on!

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Heineken's biggest and bestest event of the year has finally been announced. Set to smash Sepang this 14th December and promising a line-up of extravagant DJs and a rave night you won't forget.

After much buzz and anticipation, Heineken Thirst returns on Saturday, 14 December 2013 at Sepang International Circuit with its most extensive and eclectic list of stars to date who will be playing across two impressive stages.

YES! The dual stage set up is back and that means we are going to be spoilt for rave choices, the excitement itself is enough to keep me awake till December! It has already been a super Rave friendly year and Heineken closes the year with it's forever sensational EDM events. 

They revealead the first wave of DJs and the line up was enough to get top revellers in Malaysia all riled up! 

Photo from onedigital

The one who will be riling up the massive crowd would be none other than the man of titanium David Guetta, who is never a doubt the most famous pop EDM DJ in the world. You are never going to run out of the most popular and most played tracks in his set so we can be sure that he will entertain the crowd of probably 30,000 that will be present that day. 

Photocred: NL, Nightlife UA

The ones that will loved by all EDM lovers will be the brothers W&W, one of the most watched EDM duo in the industry to date, gushing out weekly podcast called the MAINSTAGE, you can expect hard pumping bass, melodic trance music and the insane build ups from this duo. They came to Malaysia earlier this year, they felt the crowd on that day and now they are back and knowing what we love so I expect nothing less from them and probably a lot of people crying in joy as well! 

Photocred: JordanLoyd

The third act revealed are the Australian twins NERVO, high respectable and talented in so many ways you wouldn't even believe the list of credentials they have for some of your favourite songs on the radio. Make no mistake, NERVO is highly supported by some of the best DJs in the world and their mix is estatic. It will be their first time here in Malaysia and I couldn't thank Heineken more for bringing them over! It's going to be awesome!

I am already going! No questions asked, no hesitation! 

Get you tickets at the early bird price of RM118 between 11- 13 Oct 2013 at Rock Corner the curve!

I will be raving out with my kakis so come over and fist bump or whatever if you see me! 

Can't wait for the next line-up announcement as well! 

Head to for more info and updates


Last two pictures credit to JackieLoi

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Join Carlsberg Malaysia and the Best and Biggest place for Octoberfest celebration in Malaysia This Weekend

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A full mug of bier ranges from RM25-RM40 and you get to keep the limited edition mugs too!

Date: 11th Oct- 13th Oct 2013
Time: 6pm onwards
Venue: One Utama Old Wing Open Air Car Park ( You can't miss it)

Every year Carlsberg Malaysia plays host to the German celebration of beer!

Drop by One Utama from 11th Oct - 13th Oct 2013 and you won't miss that huge tent at the Old Wing car park!

Lovely Dirndl girls, a wide range of German beer and your favourite Carlsberg, an enthusiastic and authentic German band and lots and lots of dancing! A celebration not to be missed with your lovely friends and BFFs.

Everyone is welcomed and ADMISSION IS FREE, long tables and tall tables are all ready for you and your friends so come early and get to the party! 

We had a blast last night and there will be two more nights for this once a year celebration so go shopping at One Utama then grab your dinner and booze at the old wing car park today! :) 

It will good times and great fun. Promise!

It doesn't matter if you are looking for the cool Octoberfest mug, a place to drink or even to propose your marriage or whatnot, head on to the One Utama Car Park from 12th -13th October for a hella good time with your favourite bier! PROST! PROST! PROST!

These girls are eager to serve you too! :)

Photocredit: MY HTC ONE

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Get Ready For The Epic Super Clubbing Experience That is Hennessy Artistry KL

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Most of you are not stranger to the name of Hennessy Artistry that has been promising great nights and epic clubbing experience each year.

This year is is no different as the date for the finale has been announced.

Date: 2nd Nov 2013
Time: 7pm- 1am
Venue: MIECC, Mines

Just like everytime, prepare yourself for a night of stellar performances and Hennessy Long Drinks. 

Hennessy Artistry has always been on of the events that many would look forward too and I talk about it almost all year round. So when news got out for the finale of course I would be super thrilled. 

It reminded me of the ones I had at Penang few months back and of course the Finale last year as well. 

Of course, It would be no surprise this finale as well that it will be great! If you're not having fun then come look for me and I will drink to you! 

As for the line-up, as usual we have a strong blend of Strong vocals, Superstar dances and the best of Club Djs around the world. 

First up, 
Neon Hitch

The latest female firecracker from Britain, Neon Hitch has established herself as a Billboard chart topper with her single “Love U Betta”. She has also performed and collaborated with A-list artists such as Gym Class Heroes on their hit song “Ass Back Home”, Ke$ha on “BlaBlaBla”, as well as Bruno Mars and Imogen Heap. Join us and experience this vocal powerhouse as she takes the party to the next level at H-Artistry KL 2013.

I am hoping that she kicks start the night as her powerful vocals would get everyone warmed up for the rest of the enjoyable evening! :P

K-pop Sensastion
NS Yoon-G a.k.a Kim Yong Ji

Regarded as a one of Korea’s most sought after solo female acts, NS Yoon-G has worked with top acts like Jay Park on her hit single “If You Love Me”. Having rocked H-Artistry Hong Kong with her explosive energy earlier this year, K-Pop fans in Malaysia will be treated to an unforgettable night of vocal belting and hip-swaying when Yoon-G takes stage at H-Artistry KL 2013!

Mad sexy and talented dancing + vocals will be rousing up the crowd as she speaks fluently english as well, looking to get some close up shots of her as well as see her perform live on the Hennessy Stage! 

The 3 DJs that will be ROCKING THE HOUSE DOWN!

Dmitri KO, LapSap, Jochen Miller

LapSap is Malaysia’s duo house musicheroes which consist of DJ Xu and DJ Blink, who have banded together for the sole purpose of bringing the electro and house scene in Malaysia to the next level. With countless sold-out gigs both local and around the world, this dynamite-duo is set to give party revelers a taste of Asian inspired electro and house tunes at H-Artistry 2013!

Jochen Miller
Injecting his signature crossbreed of progressive, electro and trance beats to his music, Holland’s Jochen Miller embodies the new decade’s freeform, Big Room soundscape. Featured in Armin’s “State of Trance” album, Jochen will be treating party revelers to fast and explosive trance hits at this year’s H-Artistrty KL!

Dmitry KO
Progressive house guru Dmitry KO has been setting fire to the dance floor since emerging on the stage in 2009 with this individualized style of traditional house music. Famous for this collaboration with Starkillers on “Odessa”, see him live at H-Artistry 2013 as he brings the house down!

These 3 DJs will be the main reason your Hennessy Artistry will be once again unforgettable! 

MIECC will be big enough to host the crowd and the guys can drink to their capacity and the girls and throw those heels and let loose when the beat drops! It's going to be an exciting night so you gotta make sure you get your passes to go!

How to get passes!?

Taking party innovation to the next level, the MY Hennessy Mobile App will enable party-goers to immerse in a whole new party experience. Be sure to download the MY Hennessy App NOW from the App Store or Google Play onto your iOS and Android and get the app ready for the experience.

H-Artistry invites can be obtained by purchasing bottles of your favourite Hennessy V.S.O.P at participating outlets. Every purchase of ONE Hennessy V.S.O.P 70cl comes with TWO exclusive invites the purchase of TWO Hennessy V.S.O.P 70cl bottles comes with FIVE exclusive invites.

In addition to that, My Hennessy members can also earn the H-Artistry invites using the MY Hennessy app through collection of points by using the app’s feature and redeem the invites using Hennessy Exchange.

Head to the facebook page for more info! 

Drink Responsibly~
Something you should know!

H-Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing strongly advocates responsible drinking and works towards ensuring the safety of each and every guest at the event. 

Among the safety and security measures implemented at the upcoming H-Artistry finale on 2 November are:

- The organizers of H-Artistry strongly encourage party-goers to take a taxi to the event, as parking spaces at MIECC will not be available. Taxis will also be available at the event for party-goers to return home. 

- A chill-out zone within the venue will be set up for party goers to relax after the party has ended.A free-flow of mineral water will be provided for everyone. 

- Food and drink vendors will be made available outside the event venue for guests to relax and recharge after the party. 

- Medical personnel will be on standby throughout the night in case of any emergencies.

So if you want to get drunk and just have some freaking good fun with your friends then the best thing is to grab a cab to MIECC and later grab a cab at the taxi stations provided. A small fee to pay for safety and a perfect night! 

But if it just so happens you over drank, you should sober up at the chill out area with lots of water and some food as well. Drive only when you are energetic enough to run a lap around the Mines Shopping Mall. 

To fully advocate this cause... I have already booked a hotel room via through this link

Already pumped up and excited about H-Artistry? 

Snap, post or share your excitement using#HARTISTRYKL with the rest of the nation as we begin the countdown to this year’s super-clubbing event.

See you there! :)


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How To Pour A Pint of Heineken Star Serve

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When you head to an outlet for a pint of beer, do you ever pay attention to how your beer is being poured and served? Well, I don't!

When I heard of the Heineken Star Serve it took me a while to digest that there is actually an international standard of serving the perfect pint of Heineken and that it actually has it's own yearly draught master championship to find uprising beer servers. So when I got the invite to attend a Heineken Star Serve, it seemed right that I should have a look and see what the fuss was all about.

Just to set things straight, I may be a frequent beer drinker and occasionally engage in the ritual "downing" of beers but that doesn't mean I don't know how to taste a pint great tasting beer.

So when Mr. Keith Nair, GAB Professional Solutions Manager and Heineken Draught Master explained the importance and how it is crucial to be strict in the pouring process I was interested to give it a try, how hard could it be right?

So after a bit of a briefing and several tries, I realized that it was indeed a task that requires discipline, precision and of course a love for good beer being served.

At the end, I didn't manage to pour the perfect serve but after tasting the authentic perfect serve as well as going through the process of getting it right has definitely opened my eyes to a higher level of tasting the best beers.

Was joined with the group at the workshop so it wasn't that awkward plus most of us "cannot make it lah"


Here we have Keith Nair demonstrating how it's done, full of swag too!





Serve with a smile

And look how the pretteh lady is smiling, happy with her Perfect Pour.:P
Heineken works hard to ensure world class quality of draught beer is produced in our breweries worldwide. However, if it is served wrongly, all that love and care can be destroyed at the bar, right before the drinker’s eyes,” emphasized Mr. Keith Nair, GAB Professional Solutions Manager and Heineken Draught Master. 
“Essentially, we also want to educate drinkers and the public on what a perfect Heineken is, so they can demand for it. It’s a win-win situation, where our drinkers can enjoy perfectly served beer and bars nationwide maintain their quality serve,” added Nair during the workshop.

Try out the Heineken Star Serve Digitally and see if you can produce the Perfect Pour!

To end the post will be a bird's eye view of the pouring ritual! 

Bersih 3.0 and I

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