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Sunday, September 15, 2013

TTS Weekly: Airbnb Initiates A Short Film Made Entirely By Vines Video

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TTS Weekly will be my personal commitment towards sharing interesting things that are going around the world. It's purely based on my personal stand point as of how interesting the things that will shared is going to be.

TTS Weekly stands for Things To Share Weekly or some may want to call it TiTS for let's not go there alright? Still looking for someone to do the logo design so if you feel like contributing do let me know! :D

The share for this week comes in the form of Vine videos and was compiled by editors with sources from the twittersphere. The message was relayed and many jumped in to shoot the scenes which was then ultimately edited to this 4 and a half minute short film.
The sketches that were posted for responses.

The story follows a piece of paper as it goes through some of the things that a paper faces in it's vicious cycle and somehow it reflects how our life experience the same hardships as well as the good times.

Here is the video now.

You can read about the whole idea here:

About TTS Weekly:
TTS Weekly is something i decided to do on the blog as a means of sharing intesting things that are going around the world, it could be weird, random, goodwill or something ridiculously. Charities and other social initiatives are more than welcome to contact me at to be featured.

If you have something nice that you want to share do let me know via

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