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Friday, September 27, 2013

Press Conference with All American Rejects, Five For Fighting and The Wanted for Arthur's Day

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In just a few hours Arthur's Day by Guinness will present probably a line-up that many would enjoy as it aims to target the different genre of music lovers.

Manage to drop by the press con this morning to meet the acts up close.

It was nice to hear them talk and each of them had such rich personality.

The unique voice behind AAR's catchy tunes caught my attention as soon as he walked out with a lollipop in his mouth which I assume is Chupa Chups Caramel.

Tyson from AAR has such a character that you can't help but just laugh whenever he decides to speak, it's funny that he seems like that really cheeky guy in your group of friend's constantly poking fun at the Emcee Serena as well as answering the question in such a descriptive manner. Thanks for calling Malaysia, a nice community Tyson! :)

When John of Five For Fighting answers the many questions, it's always a thought provoking process as it is both light heart-ed and meaningful as he discuss his many projects that aims to better people's lives. A song writer and musician at heart, I can't wait for the moment when we will be singing the chorus of Superman and 100 years together. 

As expected that the Wanted was bombarded with a series of rather personal questions that left them blushing and smiling happily, it will be interesting to see what they can pull off this time since it's their third time here now. :)

The big men behind GAB, Haans and Bruce couldn't rub those cheerful smiles off their face, feeling their excitement is probably the best symbol that tonight is going to be a good night! 

All 3 of the acts promise an endless flow of good music tonight so be sure to get there early and enjoy great music with a pint of Guinness!

Five for Fighting's piano ballads, the rocking sounds of All American Rejects and *girl shriek from afar* The Wanted. It's going to be great tonight so head on over early to catch all the performance and a few glasses of draft Guinness. :)

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