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Friday, September 6, 2013

Nokia Lumia 925, Great Low-Light Camera Photos And An All Around Ace

Setting Aside Urban Legends
We look at things with an open mind and with that we should also erase the mindset that Nokia is out of the big player league. That mindset is voided here as Nokia’s Lumia series is rapidly gaining attention and speedily increasing its user base. A few snap shot of what people think of #nokialumia925 is more than enough to see them as a formidable competitor in this ever growing mobile industry.

Sourced from various internet websites and twitter feed.

Nokia is no stranger to the mobile world and despite lagging behind the smart phone few years ago, a smart bounce with Windows OS has led them to be a formidable opponent in the field and with the latest news of the acquisition by Microsoft, I have only good words to say and a heart full of anticipation in years to come.
A particular phone model came to my hands and I have been using it for the past month, complete sync with the usage and phone’s very own ecosystem, the first impression for Nokie Lumia 925 was simple, sleek and a friend.

System- The thing that keeps your phone going!
Source: Todayphone

Starting off with the technical specs of the phone would be its processor. A Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, dual core 1.5 Ghz. Thought it might not as high performance then some of the competitor in its market but the difference lies in its windows OS that removes all the excessive processes and “multitasking” capabilities of rival OS and focuses on a more effective “multitasking” formula that stops overlapping apps and increase battery standby time as well.
My experience with the Windows OS has been trouble less, almost smooth with its sleek transition module. However the need for the “loading...” prompt every time an app launches seems to be a turn off at it gives the impression that the phone might be slow on buffer time but it is actually the same with competitor phones.

Design- The star attraction of any phone at first glance.

I could say that the Lumia 925 balances premium design with the practicality of a sturdy built, with the aluminium sides acting as the chasis for the phone with a 4.5” Gorilla Glass and a polycarbonate ( the kind they use to make helmets) back case. Nokia Lumia 925 gives the feeling of “steady”.
The screen itself is super clear, promising awesome HD playback and an altogether crystal clear vision of your phone.
Available in Black, White and Grey in which I was severely disappointed as the other phone models are very vibrant in color that is super attractive, it would be great if they could add in those as well.

Maps- You won't get lost now, Adventurers!
A direct competitor of Google maps but with a rather strong USP that rivals it and giving it a strength to be on par in the race for the best navigation tool!
The big advantage HERE maps has over Google Maps is the ability to download the whole map and use it offline, a life saver for users who lack data plan or trapped in a data-less black hole.

HERE maps comes with a strong social element where you can customize your favourite spots and recommend it to your closest pals, imagine sharing your best coffee spots or the cheapest drinking hole around town and meeting every other week for a chill out session, planning outings would be easy as 1,2,3.

The other great feature in HERE maps would definitely be the LIVE Traffic updates that is sure to be a necessity for the urbanites that risk bumping into traffic jams every other hour. Unlike Waze, HERE maps records data of the speed of how other users are travelling and instantly calculate the condition of the road. ( If 5 or more users are going at 10km or less, that area will be a jam zone in which you can avoid at ease)

HERE maps has a team based in Malaysia Nokia that constantly updates the geographical terrains of the roads and gives the most accurate map that boils down to the longkang alley behind your house. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Camera- Memories last forever
The crème of Lumia 925 is the super Smartphone camera, I was probably most impressed with this as it takes in great low-light photos with AND without flash.
I go to the clubs very often and it is always great to be able to take great looking pictures within the dark compound and Lumia 925 is able to capture those moments with great clarity. Be it group shots or selfies, the Lumia 925 is great for all the moments that light up your life!
Here are some of the examples that will be able to impress.

A pint of Guinness anyone?

Blue poring with legs!

The magnificent one tower of KLCC

Friends are a must at any event

Great festival installation for awesome times

Meeting up with you favourite stars

Join vibrant events

Attend crazy concerts

A genuine night of good music, good fun and a camera to take rememberable pictures!

Every moment of a life can be captured brilliantly, shared creatively and cherish indefinitely. 

Interface- The core of how you use your phone. - Here is some of the things you can do with the Windows Mobile 8 OS on the Lumia 925

Live tiles are the heart and soul of the Lumia 925’s functionality, it’s customizable size and the ability to have live notifications on individual tiles give you a full view of your daily activities.
Plan your events, know how many messages your received, never a call you forget to recall are just some of the things you can do with the live style.
Your apps come to live on the screen as you scroll through the various things that are essential to your lifestyle, calendars; social networks are all just at the tip of the lockscreen.

The apps store has been growing fast and gaining more developer attention, Windows give a thorough filter on its market and keeping only the most reliable and effective app for each use. While it might be a turn off to tech savvy wizards but it’s good news for the ones who just wants to stay connected in the easier manner.
There is definitely a lot more to improve on the app database because tech is constantly evolving and the sense of security of having apps that will help that growth is always a touch point for most users.
GOOD NEWS for insta freaks though! Even though Instagram has yet to be available, there is an app that fulfils this purpose.

Connects you to Instagram and lets you do the same as you are on the official app and provides quite sleek interface to give you a fresh take on the familiar Instagram.

The Nokia Lumia 925 excels in its promise of great camera, fantastic performance and a firmer solid build. While the app store needs lots of improvement and a faster processor might be more reassuring, The Nokia Lumia 925 isn’t a phone that will disappoint its user and is ready to be used by anyone from 18 all the way to the golden ages, simple stylish and an interface that allows it to do the thing that all mobile was initiated to do, CONNECTING PEOPLE. ( I think this was Nokia’s old tagline, still like it)

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