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Monday, August 26, 2013

Watch out for SMASH! at Zouk KL this Merdeka Eve with B.A.T.E and Nick Haydez

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It's not always ZOUK, KL announces a new night with a set of new resident DJs. So when that time comes, they make sure they bring out the young and talented to make sure you all have a good time on the first night!

Set to bring down the house this Merdeka Eve will be SMASH! Promising an abundance of the latest Electronic Dance Tracks mix by some of the rising star DJs in Malaysia, it is set to get you fist pumping all the way to National Day Morning. What a day to celebrate the National Day! With a new night theme and new resident DJs.

Venue: Zouk KL, Mainroom
Time: 10pm till late late late

So who exactly are going to be the DJs of this new night? 

They have already played at Zouk and many other notable venues many times and have a huge fan base to boot so the first DJ up will be

Nick Haydez with his stylish swag.

I am not gonna sweat the credentials cause this dude got more than what it takes to heat up your night! He is more than ready to handle the night to your liking! 

The next DJ Duo needs no introduction at all, consist of Wai Hong and Ethan. B.A.T.E is a name that has been on the rise and they ain't stopping with all these fan supports. 

Their sets are a smooth transition between them with no stops, only that small time to breath before the next mind buzzing drop! They are ready to give you the best Merdeka Eve since the original Merdeka Eve.


So get ready to fist pump and SMASH the air with these 3 on Merdeka Eve! 

Event Page:

TICKET ENTRY: RM25 Ladies / RM35 Men (inc 1 drink)
BOTTLE ENTRY: RM351 / 5 pax (At the door before 11pm)
RESERVATIONS*: Please call 03-2171 2075 (12pm - 6pm) or 0163323191 (after 6pm) or email
*applicable to 21 yrs old and above
Book your table online at:

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