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Friday, August 9, 2013

Tokyo Pastry @ Kota Damansara


It's pretty hard to come by heavily themed and yet not commercialized cafes nowadays, Coffee places are booming, burger joints have not had their bubble burst yet and places like Delifrance and Dome are slowly losing it's popularity especially in the PJ KL places.

Urban styled cafe seemed to be the trend as well with concrete walls and unpainted walls to give out the urban New York city cafe feel. What seemed like an interesting concept is now overused probably due to it's less costly approach that still delivers the unique touch to the patrons.

Personally I take my enjoyment to cafes that put in a lot of effort in creating a great ambiance to it's patrons like the Maid Cafe located at the lower grounds of E-curve or Bubblegump's movie theme (although overly commercialized) are some of the places I would appreciate if I had the time or ringgit to spend on it.

As time catches up on me, I always looked to see if there really would be a place for me to just sit there for the rest of the day writing my blogs, reading up articles or even completing left over work from the office. Some may qualify but ultimately misses due to a rather steep drop in maintaining the ambiance, don't want to mention names here but we all have our fair share of experience where our favourite joints simply dissappointed us.

One such pastry cafe that opened near my places a while back caught my attention, have you guys stumbled upon Tokyo Pastry? Easily spotted next to Khalifah and Watsons out side of the Giza Square. This place is an eye catcher even with it's entrance.


Tokyo Pastry Bakery & Cafe is situated among the concrete style shoplots you find and possible be able to deliver an escape from the city life because as you walked in you are greeted with a completely different experience.

It's decor is inspired by the Europen Decor culture from the Meiji era and continously gives out that vibe, mostly seen in the popular anime/manga Samurai X / Rurouni Kenshin.

A delightful place for you to bring your laptop or a book even to do some catch up with yourself, sip up some coffee and just be absorbed into that moment. I was definitely taken into that feel when I sat foot in the place.

Offering a wide variety of cakes, buns, mille creep and various own creations from time to time, Tokyo Pastry is constantly improving to bring more Japanese influenced sweets into the mix and one such would be the melon buns. (although they might need to take in feedback and improve on the taste)

Moving on to the hot meals, although the selection might not be as huge as most cafe want to offer it is sufficient and offers some intereting fusion style such as the Green Tea Teriyaki Burger.

Strong Ocha scent from the bun and the taste is average but it's something you should try at your first visit!

For those who come in the morning or simply want something lighter you can always opt for the Tokyo Breakfast set. 

While the ingredients are quite normal the basil loaf of bun you see there is soft and delicious in my opinion. A rather strong basil aroma and a balanced softness between the outer skin and the inner bread. 

A couple of pasta dishes are available as well such as the Spicy Aglio Olio and Curry Chicken Katsu Pasta.

The Curry Chicken Katsu is a recommended dish and the Aglio Olio is much love for a spicy food lover. 

Overall when it comes to the food and drinks of Tokyo Pastry, I think they might need to improve on the portion being served as the price is slight high for the portion we are getting, the taste is nothing really special but it gets the job done. 

The buns are lovely and freshly baked, lots of people come in just for the buns. 

I did not have the chance to try out the lovely desserts and hope I will have the time to drop again to try em all especially the Ichigo (strawberry) theme ones! 

Personally, I still love the place for it's ambiance, even the music they play are authentically Japanese songs that are classical favourites and modern rock as well a good mix for that atmosphere they want to create and I can certainly imagine myself sitting there blogging and sipping a warm cup of cucumber coffee ( yes, cucumber coffee, pretty refreshing)

The place also provides a nice spot for cosplayers as well as film shot to take places such as the ones you see below, Hui Min and her Friend KiKi.

Here is the address: 
No 2A-1, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

And their Facebook page that gives out info on quite a lot of new promotion or desserts


Henry Lee said...

Feels like going back there again to have that burger! :D

Henry Tan said...

lol wow first time to know that cosplay ppl can go for photoshooting there! haha so special!

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