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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Day They Announced The Line-Up For Arthur's day 2013

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The thing about going to media launches is always the problem with traffic. Most media launches will be targeted at 7pm after a weekday. So it’s always an important day to finish work on time and rush over to avoid most of the traffic jam but my job and its’ location won’t allow me to do so. I decided to hitch a ride with mom to work and proceed to take the LRT after work and after that walked to the KL Life Centre for the media launch.

The LRT journey was about 20 mins or so, which was much better than the 1 and a half hour traffic jam i so happily avoided. Walking over to the life centre was about 10 minutes and it was pretty alright.
Oh yes, I think I forgotten to mention about the event that I was attending. It was the launch of this year’s Arthursday and the announcement of their line-up. Pretty excited about the line-up because I heard rumours about them already. Shhhhh... I will keep this to myself first.

Arrived around the right time, greeted by friends and of course a bar full of great Guinness...

Gulping one straight due to the thirst from the walk and proceed to chat up some friends and among the topics were the soon to be announced acts and when will they serve dinner. To our joy, dinner was announced first so we scurried to fill our plates (civilized) of course. A few jokes about the food ensued but the seafood dishes were good.

The Marketing director was present to drop the record for the launch of Arthursday, moments like these are where media photographers attention will be even during dinner!

We cheered to find out that the acts will be All American Rejects, Five For Fighting and The Wanted. I couldn’t care less for the Wanted but AAR and Five For Fighting is gonna electrify the stage at Sepang on the 27th of September!

The evening was entertained by a group of talented musicians bond together for the night and called themselves Morning Glory, hahaha quite a cute name ar. But they weren’t too bad with their covers of the act’s song but my mind was already drifting towards the Arthur’s Day night in September!
Manage to catch a nice picture of them despite the place being rather dark.

I didn’t bring my DSLR that night because I planned to walked and it would be too heavy to lug it around my shoulder for the whole journey and packed in the LRTs . But the pictures taken were good and clear so I have no complains. J
Just to prove this point one more time on how the pictures look despite being in low light.
Pretty girls for you all!

The evening sang away with some DJ playlist, a lot of chatter and good pints of Guinness.
It was a good thing my camera phone was really good at taking these low light photos if not I would have ended up with a few dark photos that couldn’t even show case the tiniest bit of details. J


Oh and if you are wondering which smartphone I am using to take these pictures then here is a hint! :P

I won't tell just yet! 

But if you want to know how to capture such good photos in low light conditions then you might want to check this page out and see if you can guess which model I am using! :)

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