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Thursday, August 22, 2013

One Ok Rock Live In Malaysia 21st November 2013

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It all started with a poster on a Facebook Page

In which at that point I have yet to belive my eyes on the "Kuala Lumpur" on the tour locations, so as goosebumps overwhelmed me, I sat there with my jaw dropped. I was esthetic in my own little heart.

"One Ok Rock is coming to Malaysia"

Heck yea!

One of my favourite bands from Japan, since 2005 the band has never stopped evolving and creating the perfect brand of music that enjoy every single day. From Head bangers to Soothing ballads they have it all. 

Thought I may not understand most part of the language but music is beyond language. It hits the heart and emotion more than anything else in the world. 

Being able to see them live would be one of my dream come true as the energy they project on stage is massive and crazy. 

Watching the videos on Youtube gave me goosebumps and probably when the day comes when I attend the concert I would have gone crazy for that whole amount of period. 

Here are they performing one of their many hits. 

So for the ones who have just heard the news, you can get your tickets at any Rock Corner outlet or log on to


1 comment :

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