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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Glenmorangie Malaysia: Drop It Like It's Hot @ The Butter Factory, KL

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For some people, liquor is just liquor. Any brand would do, any type will do as long as it gets you drunk and it gets you crazy. Techinically, that's not wrong but perhaps I could look deeper into that and find different liquor for different occasions.

Glenmorangie celebrates these side of the liquor drinking moments with many subculture events and beautifully designed galleries all the time. From stand up comedians to highland theme events and one for the younger crowd would be "Drop It Like It's Hot".

Catering the recessing need for a good ghetto clubmosphere, Glenmorangie pulled out a rabbit from it's hat and decides to go with the hip-hop club sensation that once ruled the clubs of KL. Bringing back 50 Cent and the gang along with some old school music.

It was different scene all together and the crowd slowly sinked in the retrospective mood and soon indulge in the smoothe vanilla essence of Glenmorangie.

MHD's Managing director Mathieu Duchemin embraces each of his brands with a overwhelming fun loving presence and it's always a pleasure bumping into him as he mingles among the party goers and most of the time blends well with the crowd.

The atmosphere was pretty sweet in the club, a rather harmonious crowd of party people and they were definitely enjoying their favourite single malt whiskey, you can't stop good people from drinking whiskey. Never. 

And obviously when I am around, you can't be too shy, getting crazy after 12 is just one of those things you enjoy when you need to unload some stress and bond with your fellow man!

Go with the right company, get a designated driver, drink responsibly but remind to hang loose when your feel like it. No one likes a dude or dudette standing there like a stick cause these are the times you show some fun loving nature and just love everyone around you.

Appareciating Glenmorangie's efforts to always bring surprising themes to us. :)

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