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Friday, August 2, 2013

Fusion Haven Cafe & Restaurant - Good Food Without Boundary


Being a PJ boy my whole life, I always find the KL side of the state a bit of foreign land to me. I may know the names of the streets or the the famous landmarks around KL City but there are also places that are consider the outskirts of KL. 

I probably could name a few eating spots around PJ but when it comes to KL I got no idea so it was nice to find out about this cozy shop that gave a fresh view on the concept of fusion restaurants. 

Fusion Haven Cafe & Restaurant sits at the busiest shop lots in Sri Petaling, along Jalan Radim 1 that sits about 60- 90 people comfortably and provides an extensive menu of Korean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Western fusions that will spoil you for choices. I kid you not. 

A ten year restaurant catering for the neighbours of shop offices and surrounding residents and students alike, the interior still has a acceptable standard of furnishing and cleanliness. It has that vintage cafe look, personalized and un-commercialize.

Enough of the small talks as we move on to the meals that I had that day with Le GF, Tham Hui Min, CleverMunkey and FoodEverywhere's SY Goh, a party of 4 under the hospitality of Danny Loke the owner and his daughter Cheryl Loke. 

Mushroom Soup

You are not mistaken, this is indeed the same mushroom soup you can find in Dome Cafe. Hot soup inside to be complemented by the pastry on top is definitely a good starter and a children's favorite. 

The only setback would be the soup's taste because as soon as you consume it with the pastry the soup taste gets absorbed and significantly toned down. It's also concern as Mushroom soup and not Cream of Mushroom so there is a difference in the texture as it is not as thick. 

Fusion Mango Salad

If you are not craving for some soup or simply just want something light and refreshing then you can opt for this Fusion Mango Salad, a house specialty that is both fruity and taste. A crunchy exterior and juicy interior is an excellent snack and appetizer. Personally I enjoy the homemade blend of mayo sauce. 

Grilled Salsiccia Portobello Mushrooms

Stuffed mushroom uses pork as the stuffing and is covered by some teriyaki sauce, this dish is not really one I would recommend when you visit but the mushroom lovers would be calling for this just to try. There isn't much to shout about except for the fact that the mushroom was juicy and full of flavour. :) 

Unagi Roll

A traditional Unagi roll with a crunchy wrap outside satisfies your munchies, not using rice instead uses carrots as the crunch factor to create texture and top with flavourful unagi as the finishing a great snack for Japanese food lovers. 

American Style BBQ Pork Ribs

American Style BBQ Pork Ribs anyone? A delicious coating of marinated sauce and specially made BBQ sauce to dip, the pork ribs are full of flavour but was somehow too soft to our liking, slightly overcooked but the flavour and taste is a good one. You could request for the meat to be tougher to get the full bite of good pork meat. :)

Kimchi Omelette Rice

Recently converted into a RunningMan addict (Novice level) and a decent Kpop fanatic, this Kimchi Omelette Rice definitely caught my attention, simple yet full of goodness definitely the epitome of simple yet good. If you have no idea what to order then I would recommend this but the serving is slightly small even for a normal portion eater. :P (But then again maybe I am just greedy la )

Smoked Duck Pomodoro Pasta

This duck breast alfredo is a crowd favorite and we can see why, healthy portion of noodle but it lacks in taste and probably a certain thickness to the sauce, if the sauce were thicker it would have been a splendid dish but do bear in mind this is a personal preference and I am quite sure the chef is willing to accommodate your request if given the time.

Carbonara Spaghetti 

The carbonara Spaghetti is creamy to die for! Loved it very much, carbonara done right, dry yet creamy with a egg to be broken and letting the yolk increase the flavour, the only issue was that the pasta was made too soft so if you prefer a harder type of pasta then you should let the chef know in advance. :)

Hawaiian Pizza

How could anyone forget Pizza for Italian right? The house specialty , Hawaiian pizza using banana instead of Pineapple a different twist yet delicious when consumed and to top it off, the black area isn't the pan  it is actually charcoal crust. Eat it while it's hot cause when it's cold then it's not that nice. *captain obvious*

Warm Hearted Chocolate Ice Cream

When it comes to dessert even if you are full you will still want to try this, chocolate fudge cake on top an ice cream something common yet made with much effort to satisfy your sweet tooth and ends a delightful meal of so many styles. If not for lunch or dinner you would still come for this. 

After various food, Fusion Haven still has many variety waiting to be tasted and waiting to satisfy your cravings as well, a good hang out spot for the cheras crowd and those nearby and definitely a place you can host a small gathering or a afternoon lunch party. :) Give it a try and see which one you like best!

For more Info you can check out their FB Page

Name: Fusion Haven Cafe & Restaurant
Address: 45, Jalan Radin Anum 1, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,


Henry Lee said...

Jom find one day we go attack this restaurant... miss the kimchi rice and banana pizza! :D

Sunshine Kelly said...

oooo... i like to eat the kimchi Omelette Rice w BBQ Pork Ribs :D

FusionHavenCafe said...

Thank you for headin' over!
Look forward to see you again.

FusionHavenCafe said...
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