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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Carlsberg HEST Bar & Lounge Launch at Selangor Turf Club (STC)

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It's always nice to be called to experience something different and something if not asked, I would not even think of participating. It was such a show of hospitality by the Carlsberg Team to invite me over to experience their new HEST Bar & Lounge located in the Selangor Turf Club!

The launch was grand one with famous Datuks and owners coming over to ravish the new HEST Bar, equipped with ribbon cutting and the traditional fire crackers that signal prosperity for a newly open restaurant or joint!

Yes, a Turf Club... home to the strong and mighty stallions pitting their speeds and wits among each other as their jockey ride on their backs and they carrying the glory of their owners in races. Also home to many people who find the enjoyment in cashing in and out of their small fortune for that adrenaline rush when the horse reaches the finishing line for the winners photo!

The one and only Racetrack Bar in Kuala Lumpur, the HEST bar aims to provide a comfortable venue for the younger generations to enjoy the sport, with a bar that serves your favourite Carlsberg beer and many other liquor, a fancy british pool table and some darts to throw around. you will be entertained even when you wait for the horses to be loaded. 

The inner betting booth is also available so you don't even have to leave the area to bet, available daily tips, multiple big screen TVs and live cams all the more to further help you in your enjoyment and small bets. If you want to witness the live action of the finishing line rush you can simply walk out for the "balcony" accessible directly from the HEST bar for a fantastic outdoor view of the lush green race track and hear the galloping sounds of the hoofs!

Lucky that there are umbrellas available for those really sunny sundays! Sit back under the shade with a couple of beers and a heaty noon turns refreshing.

When that's enough, stand up and mingle around with the people around you cause most likely you guys will share the same beer loving interest no?

Manage to snap a picture of one of my favourite childhood Radio DJs and now popular Emcee Chui Ling Jie.  <3 p="">

Finally managed to congratulate Henrik for his appointment as the new Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, A smart and sleek man full of charisma so I hope he continues to lead in Carlberg's relentlessly entertaining and creative attacks to further the brand to youths. :) In Picture is also Tan Sri Datuk Richard Cham, the owner of STC and he is also looking forward to bring the horse racing sport into the hearts of youth nowadays. :)

Last but not least, the strong and beautiful Marketing Director, Juliet Yap who is always a very hands on person on the branding of Carlsberg and it's subsidiary brands, definitely a presence to admire. Continue to bring in the good stuff yea! :)

Didn't manage to catch the whole Carlsberg brands and communication team together for a picture that day, one fella was in Malacca and the rest were scattered across the place but they are the people whom I would thank for many events and new experience in the brand and in life. You guys know who you are la... the ones who always sends and CC emails, such warm-hearted sincere invites are hard to come by these days. 

Cheers to your all and cheers to Carlsberg.

Thanks for the last few pictures! :)

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