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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Day They Announced The Line-Up For Arthur's day 2013

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The thing about going to media launches is always the problem with traffic. Most media launches will be targeted at 7pm after a weekday. So it’s always an important day to finish work on time and rush over to avoid most of the traffic jam but my job and its’ location won’t allow me to do so. I decided to hitch a ride with mom to work and proceed to take the LRT after work and after that walked to the KL Life Centre for the media launch.

The LRT journey was about 20 mins or so, which was much better than the 1 and a half hour traffic jam i so happily avoided. Walking over to the life centre was about 10 minutes and it was pretty alright.
Oh yes, I think I forgotten to mention about the event that I was attending. It was the launch of this year’s Arthursday and the announcement of their line-up. Pretty excited about the line-up because I heard rumours about them already. Shhhhh... I will keep this to myself first.

Arrived around the right time, greeted by friends and of course a bar full of great Guinness...

Gulping one straight due to the thirst from the walk and proceed to chat up some friends and among the topics were the soon to be announced acts and when will they serve dinner. To our joy, dinner was announced first so we scurried to fill our plates (civilized) of course. A few jokes about the food ensued but the seafood dishes were good.

The Marketing director was present to drop the record for the launch of Arthursday, moments like these are where media photographers attention will be even during dinner!

We cheered to find out that the acts will be All American Rejects, Five For Fighting and The Wanted. I couldn’t care less for the Wanted but AAR and Five For Fighting is gonna electrify the stage at Sepang on the 27th of September!

The evening was entertained by a group of talented musicians bond together for the night and called themselves Morning Glory, hahaha quite a cute name ar. But they weren’t too bad with their covers of the act’s song but my mind was already drifting towards the Arthur’s Day night in September!
Manage to catch a nice picture of them despite the place being rather dark.

I didn’t bring my DSLR that night because I planned to walked and it would be too heavy to lug it around my shoulder for the whole journey and packed in the LRTs . But the pictures taken were good and clear so I have no complains. J
Just to prove this point one more time on how the pictures look despite being in low light.
Pretty girls for you all!

The evening sang away with some DJ playlist, a lot of chatter and good pints of Guinness.
It was a good thing my camera phone was really good at taking these low light photos if not I would have ended up with a few dark photos that couldn’t even show case the tiniest bit of details. J


Oh and if you are wondering which smartphone I am using to take these pictures then here is a hint! :P

I won't tell just yet! 

But if you want to know how to capture such good photos in low light conditions then you might want to check this page out and see if you can guess which model I am using! :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Club Asahi Goes ALL Star this Merdeka Eve at The Butter Factory KL.

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Black, Chrome and ready to party this Friday night is the Club Asahi ALL Star line up!

How often do you get to see some of the strongest local DJ line-up dropping sick sets all through the night?

It's Merdeka Eve and you know you gotta party somewhere! Head on to The Butter Factory this Friday night for a electrifying good time.

A star struck line- up awaits you in the form of ...


DJ Faith

DJ Monkey and Funkzu

 DJ Ramsey Westwood

 Mr Nasty X GuruGuru

Club Asahi has never disappointed me since the first one and I doubt it will disappointed me anytime. Japan's No.1 beer is ready to once again bring you an awesome night so bring everyone in and enjoy a great Merdeka Eve!


And a chance to win a phone so come on over! More info at

Monday, August 26, 2013

Watch out for SMASH! at Zouk KL this Merdeka Eve with B.A.T.E and Nick Haydez

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It's not always ZOUK, KL announces a new night with a set of new resident DJs. So when that time comes, they make sure they bring out the young and talented to make sure you all have a good time on the first night!

Set to bring down the house this Merdeka Eve will be SMASH! Promising an abundance of the latest Electronic Dance Tracks mix by some of the rising star DJs in Malaysia, it is set to get you fist pumping all the way to National Day Morning. What a day to celebrate the National Day! With a new night theme and new resident DJs.

Venue: Zouk KL, Mainroom
Time: 10pm till late late late

So who exactly are going to be the DJs of this new night? 

They have already played at Zouk and many other notable venues many times and have a huge fan base to boot so the first DJ up will be

Nick Haydez with his stylish swag.

I am not gonna sweat the credentials cause this dude got more than what it takes to heat up your night! He is more than ready to handle the night to your liking! 

The next DJ Duo needs no introduction at all, consist of Wai Hong and Ethan. B.A.T.E is a name that has been on the rise and they ain't stopping with all these fan supports. 

Their sets are a smooth transition between them with no stops, only that small time to breath before the next mind buzzing drop! They are ready to give you the best Merdeka Eve since the original Merdeka Eve.


So get ready to fist pump and SMASH the air with these 3 on Merdeka Eve! 

Event Page:

TICKET ENTRY: RM25 Ladies / RM35 Men (inc 1 drink)
BOTTLE ENTRY: RM351 / 5 pax (At the door before 11pm)
RESERVATIONS*: Please call 03-2171 2075 (12pm - 6pm) or 0163323191 (after 6pm) or email
*applicable to 21 yrs old and above
Book your table online at:

Friday, August 23, 2013

Celebrate Arthur's Day 2013 with All American Rejects, Five For Fighting and The Wanted!

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It has been an awesome year so far for the music industry with raves, concerts and showcases booming almost every week! The momentum doesn't seem to stop even past August with even more concerts, music festivals and showcases lined up till New Year's!

Malaysia has been a great host this year and it's a pleasure to announce that Arthur's Day Malaysia will be celebrated with some pretty awesome bands, one of which would be grabbing the most attentions which is All American Rejects! Followed by the melodious Five For Fighting and Teen sensations The Wanted and of course our very own Malaysian artists as well! :)

All 3 bands need no introduction and I am pretty sure the post title already got you hyped up!

The event is set to rock Sepang 27th September 2013, a spectacular music event for celebration.

Get your tickets now at RM98 for the early birds! :0

Check out for more details!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

One Ok Rock Live In Malaysia 21st November 2013

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It all started with a poster on a Facebook Page

In which at that point I have yet to belive my eyes on the "Kuala Lumpur" on the tour locations, so as goosebumps overwhelmed me, I sat there with my jaw dropped. I was esthetic in my own little heart.

"One Ok Rock is coming to Malaysia"

Heck yea!

One of my favourite bands from Japan, since 2005 the band has never stopped evolving and creating the perfect brand of music that enjoy every single day. From Head bangers to Soothing ballads they have it all. 

Thought I may not understand most part of the language but music is beyond language. It hits the heart and emotion more than anything else in the world. 

Being able to see them live would be one of my dream come true as the energy they project on stage is massive and crazy. 

Watching the videos on Youtube gave me goosebumps and probably when the day comes when I attend the concert I would have gone crazy for that whole amount of period. 

Here are they performing one of their many hits. 

So for the ones who have just heard the news, you can get your tickets at any Rock Corner outlet or log on to


Movie Review: Elysium

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Title: Elysium
Language: English
Genre: Action/ Drama/ Sci-Fi
Running Time: 109 Minute

Set in the year 2154, where the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth, a man at first to save his life now takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds. (IMDB)

What do I think about it:-

Not the worst of the sci fi genre, not the worst with a double standard world theme but definitely not the best.

Elysium starts off well with your usual hero in his children age and explaining the difference between the two worlds. The story gets pretty repetitive towards the middle and finally becomes your average day hero must now make a choice to save the world and sacrifice himself doing it.

There were some impressive CGI designs and weapons ideas plus the android robots were quite impressive but that's just about it. The characters were written to be having one single thought process for each of them hence there wasn't really room for development or even acting skills to portray. 

Action junkies would welcome this film with open arms thx to it's acceptable amount of big planes, explosions and gritty action that somehow escaped our dearest Malaysian Censorship Board. ( a fully deformed face was featured but stabbing a demon is no good)

Linear story plot, predictable ending and losing steam towards the end of the movie as well as wasting the potential an entire setting which was also the movie title. 

Expect nothing more than just a common hollywood action movie with a few robots and some cool weapons. 

Rating: 2.5/5

" A major step back from the director's District 9, it lacked creativity, effort and many details that could have made the movie enjoyable and intriguing." 

Film Logic:

#elysium #filmlogic creates a Utopia for people but fails to build a proper system to stop illegal immigrants to coming over.

#elysium #filmlogic has factories that build hundreds of androids each day but fails to use them when under attack.

#filmlogic #elysium carries a de-pinned grenade into an enemy craft instead of something last explodable.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Movie Review: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 2013

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Title: The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones
Language: English
Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Drama
Running Time: 120 Minute

When her mother disappears, Clary Fray learns that she descends from a line of warriors who protect our world from demons. She joins forces with others like her and heads into a dangerous alternate New York called Downworld.

What do I think about it:-

If I were to sum it all in a nutshell, the movie pretty much sucked. 

Cramping a book into a single movie was never an easy task especially when you need to actually catch the essence of the story and film it to attract none book readers and movie goers alike. 

City Of Bones flops to an extend in which it will probably fail both it's readers and viewers at the same time, sloppy writing and flow with bad acting and direction sprinkled with failing CGI and tons of badly written dialogues is just a few of the many reason why this film is a nightmare you itch to forget. 

With the rise of teenage novels becoming "blockbusters", City Of Bones actually tries too hard to impress rather than just let things flow, with in your face " epic" soundtracks coming on whenever something seemingly cool happens but in actuality it's nothing breath taking or visually creative.

Useless villains who seemed to be confused on what they are doing, characters with split personalities in decision making and a over dosage of forceful plot twists that were all unable to be expressed over the 2 hour film made the film unbearable for me.

Looking at how it is the first of many books and film ( oh heck no!) It fails to introduce the setting well and it definitely fails in character development. 

It's lack of engaging story, character and fluency in all makes me hard to believe that it would actually reflect what the book is all about.

Rating: 0.5/5

"The film is anti climatic from the first 15 minutes up till the end, what was the villains main purpose, what's so awesome about the shadow hunters and why is this downworld so dangerous are just a few of the questions I have for the film."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Movie Review: The Purge 2013

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Title: The Purge
Language: English
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Running Time: 85 Minute

If on one night every year, you could commit any crime without facing consequences, what would you do? In The Purge, a speculative thriller that follows one family over the course of a single night, four people will be tested to see how far they will go to protect themselves when the vicious outside world breaks into their home. (GSC)

What do I think about it:-

The concept sounds great, the potentials to shake viewers heart was endless and yet the movie was a flop. 

Full of unrealistic choices and a lazy setting plan, The purge turns sour when everything done or happened around the main characters doesn't seem to make any sense. A total waste for a movie with this concept due the lack of script polishing and proper plot flows. It all just seemed like a spontaneous gesture for the director to film.

The acting was doubtful besides a rather sinister expression from the main villain of the movie who seemed to fade out anti climatically and topping it of with a kid that seems to belong in the asylum and yet seems to get away with what ever he does, and to add to it, a hot sister despite looking scared and running around the house with a stranger in it seems perfectly fine with running around the house without anyone with her. 

Incompetent villains blows down the film's level of intensity (they had these really creepy mask and rather crazy intro but that was just it) 

Would have been great if they actually took the time to decide whether they want to make a thriller or a video game. 

Would not recommend to watch this in the cinemas besides the download version is out anyway. 

Rating: 1/5

"There was so much illogical behaviour in the characters that you find yourself either angry or laughing at the whole movie.  - benjaminfoo"

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tokyo Pastry @ Kota Damansara


It's pretty hard to come by heavily themed and yet not commercialized cafes nowadays, Coffee places are booming, burger joints have not had their bubble burst yet and places like Delifrance and Dome are slowly losing it's popularity especially in the PJ KL places.

Urban styled cafe seemed to be the trend as well with concrete walls and unpainted walls to give out the urban New York city cafe feel. What seemed like an interesting concept is now overused probably due to it's less costly approach that still delivers the unique touch to the patrons.

Personally I take my enjoyment to cafes that put in a lot of effort in creating a great ambiance to it's patrons like the Maid Cafe located at the lower grounds of E-curve or Bubblegump's movie theme (although overly commercialized) are some of the places I would appreciate if I had the time or ringgit to spend on it.

As time catches up on me, I always looked to see if there really would be a place for me to just sit there for the rest of the day writing my blogs, reading up articles or even completing left over work from the office. Some may qualify but ultimately misses due to a rather steep drop in maintaining the ambiance, don't want to mention names here but we all have our fair share of experience where our favourite joints simply dissappointed us.

One such pastry cafe that opened near my places a while back caught my attention, have you guys stumbled upon Tokyo Pastry? Easily spotted next to Khalifah and Watsons out side of the Giza Square. This place is an eye catcher even with it's entrance.


Tokyo Pastry Bakery & Cafe is situated among the concrete style shoplots you find and possible be able to deliver an escape from the city life because as you walked in you are greeted with a completely different experience.

It's decor is inspired by the Europen Decor culture from the Meiji era and continously gives out that vibe, mostly seen in the popular anime/manga Samurai X / Rurouni Kenshin.

A delightful place for you to bring your laptop or a book even to do some catch up with yourself, sip up some coffee and just be absorbed into that moment. I was definitely taken into that feel when I sat foot in the place.

Offering a wide variety of cakes, buns, mille creep and various own creations from time to time, Tokyo Pastry is constantly improving to bring more Japanese influenced sweets into the mix and one such would be the melon buns. (although they might need to take in feedback and improve on the taste)

Moving on to the hot meals, although the selection might not be as huge as most cafe want to offer it is sufficient and offers some intereting fusion style such as the Green Tea Teriyaki Burger.

Strong Ocha scent from the bun and the taste is average but it's something you should try at your first visit!

For those who come in the morning or simply want something lighter you can always opt for the Tokyo Breakfast set. 

While the ingredients are quite normal the basil loaf of bun you see there is soft and delicious in my opinion. A rather strong basil aroma and a balanced softness between the outer skin and the inner bread. 

A couple of pasta dishes are available as well such as the Spicy Aglio Olio and Curry Chicken Katsu Pasta.

The Curry Chicken Katsu is a recommended dish and the Aglio Olio is much love for a spicy food lover. 

Overall when it comes to the food and drinks of Tokyo Pastry, I think they might need to improve on the portion being served as the price is slight high for the portion we are getting, the taste is nothing really special but it gets the job done. 

The buns are lovely and freshly baked, lots of people come in just for the buns. 

I did not have the chance to try out the lovely desserts and hope I will have the time to drop again to try em all especially the Ichigo (strawberry) theme ones! 

Personally, I still love the place for it's ambiance, even the music they play are authentically Japanese songs that are classical favourites and modern rock as well a good mix for that atmosphere they want to create and I can certainly imagine myself sitting there blogging and sipping a warm cup of cucumber coffee ( yes, cucumber coffee, pretty refreshing)

The place also provides a nice spot for cosplayers as well as film shot to take places such as the ones you see below, Hui Min and her Friend KiKi.

Here is the address: 
No 2A-1, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

And their Facebook page that gives out info on quite a lot of new promotion or desserts

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Carlsberg HEST Bar & Lounge Launch at Selangor Turf Club (STC)

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It's always nice to be called to experience something different and something if not asked, I would not even think of participating. It was such a show of hospitality by the Carlsberg Team to invite me over to experience their new HEST Bar & Lounge located in the Selangor Turf Club!

The launch was grand one with famous Datuks and owners coming over to ravish the new HEST Bar, equipped with ribbon cutting and the traditional fire crackers that signal prosperity for a newly open restaurant or joint!

Yes, a Turf Club... home to the strong and mighty stallions pitting their speeds and wits among each other as their jockey ride on their backs and they carrying the glory of their owners in races. Also home to many people who find the enjoyment in cashing in and out of their small fortune for that adrenaline rush when the horse reaches the finishing line for the winners photo!

The one and only Racetrack Bar in Kuala Lumpur, the HEST bar aims to provide a comfortable venue for the younger generations to enjoy the sport, with a bar that serves your favourite Carlsberg beer and many other liquor, a fancy british pool table and some darts to throw around. you will be entertained even when you wait for the horses to be loaded. 

The inner betting booth is also available so you don't even have to leave the area to bet, available daily tips, multiple big screen TVs and live cams all the more to further help you in your enjoyment and small bets. If you want to witness the live action of the finishing line rush you can simply walk out for the "balcony" accessible directly from the HEST bar for a fantastic outdoor view of the lush green race track and hear the galloping sounds of the hoofs!

Lucky that there are umbrellas available for those really sunny sundays! Sit back under the shade with a couple of beers and a heaty noon turns refreshing.

When that's enough, stand up and mingle around with the people around you cause most likely you guys will share the same beer loving interest no?

Manage to snap a picture of one of my favourite childhood Radio DJs and now popular Emcee Chui Ling Jie.  <3 p="">

Finally managed to congratulate Henrik for his appointment as the new Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, A smart and sleek man full of charisma so I hope he continues to lead in Carlberg's relentlessly entertaining and creative attacks to further the brand to youths. :) In Picture is also Tan Sri Datuk Richard Cham, the owner of STC and he is also looking forward to bring the horse racing sport into the hearts of youth nowadays. :)

Last but not least, the strong and beautiful Marketing Director, Juliet Yap who is always a very hands on person on the branding of Carlsberg and it's subsidiary brands, definitely a presence to admire. Continue to bring in the good stuff yea! :)

Didn't manage to catch the whole Carlsberg brands and communication team together for a picture that day, one fella was in Malacca and the rest were scattered across the place but they are the people whom I would thank for many events and new experience in the brand and in life. You guys know who you are la... the ones who always sends and CC emails, such warm-hearted sincere invites are hard to come by these days. 

Cheers to your all and cheers to Carlsberg.

Thanks for the last few pictures! :)

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