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Friday, July 5, 2013

Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013: Malaysia, 1 Day Left

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If you are reading this now, chances are you are either pissed or excited about the best parties of the year.

It's the 4th Installment and we have yet to know the real destination of this years party and it looks like we won't be knowing it till we get on those shuttles!

The Rumours surrounding it are pretty much all fake by now but let's have a recap of what I have heard so far.

1. Island trip
2, Cruise Ship at Port Klang
3. Legoland, Johor
4, Carlsberg Factory
5. Sepang International Circuit
6. Genting Highlands
7. Port Dickson

It looks like all these assumptions are all wrong as the gathering point has already been released to the party goers and we are gathering at MAEPS, Serdang for the last check point before heading to a night of great fun and laughters!

Despite the many upsets regarding accomadations and the un-enthusiastic people around. I am still super psyched to attend it! Come on people, party up and rave the night!

Booze, games, music and a big place. What else would you want ? Just be safe when you drive home ya? :)

Things you should know...

  • MEAPS is not the last destination, we will be shuttled somewhere.
  • The shuttle will be running to send you to and fro the venue.
  • Taxi services are available from 11.30pm
  • Wear casual for a night long of party, shorts and tshirts are advised, neon lights are optional but would be great.
  • Make sure to check your BAC before leaving to avoid unwanted lost of Duit Kopi and accidents.
  • IF you are too drunk to drive, chill out and the chances are we will be chilling together is quite high so say hi if you do see me!
C U There!

BE AT MAEPS, SERDANG at 5.30PM with your IC

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