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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heineken's Legendary Traveler Contest: Win An All-Expense Paid Trip To Las Vegas

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It isn't the first time alcoholic brands have given chance to it's consumers and loyal supporters a chance to win money can't buy trips around the world. So it definitely isn't a surprise that Heineken announced that it is looking for the legendary traveller who will be taken to a trip to Las Vegas.

Heineken brings us the Legendary Traveller!

What would you do if you were to win an all expense trip to the city where dreams come true and all hell breaks loose? Will you take that chance and experience money can't buy experience and remember it for the rest of your life or will you just take a step back and let someone else do it for you?

If you think you got the guts to take it on then here is how you can do it!

Heineken ‘Legendary Traveler’ Contest

1. Purchase 2 buckets OR 8 pints of Heineken to get an entry ticket at participating Heineken outlets
2. Complete the entry ticket with your details and correct answer
3. Drop the entry ticket into the official entry box at participating Heineken outlets

What ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! 

So grab a few friends and get a few bucket of Heineken and join! It's simple and the chances are the same with anyone else so why not!? It's a long weekend for the Selangor folks anyway. 

Heineken Dropped

Another interesting campaign that is running alongside this Las Vegas trip is their global initiative too uncover legendary explorers that display their true character, Heineken is running its most daring social experiment yet by testing what men are truly made of when they are taken out of their daily lives and dropped into the great unknown. 

I wish I would have encounter a situation like this! Daaaaaaaaamn.

A series of youtube videos will be uploaded to follow each persons journey from the pick up to the mission, it's interesting to see these people taken out of their comfort zones and learn to experience different culture and situation that they would never have dreamt off! 

Watch the story unfold as you follow how each traveler fares on their adventures on the Heineken ‘Dropped’ YouTube channel

The Heineken ‘Legendary Traveler’ contest runs from 1 – 31 July 2013, so get your passports ready for the ultimate legendary travel with Heineken. To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, stay tuned at Heineken's Facebook page ( or Twitter (

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Movie Review: The Conjuring 2013


Title: The Conjuring
Language: English
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 112 Minute

"The Conjuring" tells the true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga), world renowned paranormal investigators, who were called to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in a secluded farmhouse. Forced to confront a powerful demonic entity, the Warrens find themselves caught in the most horrifying case of their lives.

What do I think about it:-

You really don't get horror movies like this anymore or rather you can't find horror movies that give such a chilling sensation anymore. 

Even without the statement that it is based on true encounters, The Conjuring surprises me with it's well thought out scares and painfully agonizing flow that seems to just suck you into it's plot. 

It is the same haunted house occurrence followed by a curse but yet it is able to deliver the spine chilling blows that makes you grab your seat from time to time. 

However, there are many questionable actions by the characters in the story but since these are base on the testimony of real people thus we shall take their word for it. To me, the movie has managed to drag me into the emotional burden that circles around the family and leave me no choice but to just hope the movie ends quick.

Carefully paced suspense with near perfect scare timing creates great atmosphere for you to dwell in the horror and extra credits to the vintage vibe, cinematography and the rebirth of old school make up and action choreography that makes the film so much more enjoyable. 

Appreciate the no background music touch on most scenes that creates perfect premises to scare. 

The best horror movie I've thus far in the last few years, outmatching "Sinister" in a few aspects.

Rating: 4/5

"Intense and well paced leaving you just enough time to catch a short breathe before spiraling you into a torturous journey with the characters. - benjaminfoo"

*Note: I don't scare easy when it comes to horror films but somehow "The Conjuring" left quite and impact on me that I find myself unsettling while driving back from the cinema and even while writing this review. 

PS. While writing this, my lights went off and on for about 3 times (first time it happened and I stoned a while.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Landed At Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013,Malaysia

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Everything started with the arrival of this seemingly ordinary bag from Carlsberg...

I should have known better to expect anything ordinary when it's from Carlsberg...

It was an invitation to their Where's The Party where only the bold and epic would be able to attend, you gotta throw away a day of duties and not knowing what you are suppose to do or where you are going. The only assurance is that you will be getting lots of Ice Cold Carlsberg there. Seems exciting enough for any party goer right? :)

Now where could they hide such a big plane? Hmmmm...

All the mystery was revealed when the party goers including myself and GF arrived at MAEPS, Serdang where we were shuttled to the grand hall not too far from there. Not exactly the much anticipated excitement but it will do for now. 

Upon arrival wewere greeted by Air Stewardess.

Nothing to complain here so move over guys.... * yumz for the eye* :P

Of course, it won't be a Where's The Party without games as well and here is one that requires you to be flight traffic police fella. There were other games like Darts and some balloon busting thing and Massage services were provided as well.

After sight seeing around the venue and enjoying cans after cans of Carlsberg and of course bumping into an absurd amount of friends.

The media were ushered into the hall first to know about the lineup and such. Who would miss a chance to pose at the logo right? 

After a short press conference, we were asked to chow down on some food provided outside for everyone. This was probably the part where I was disappointed, the food provided were very.... hmmm... uninteresting? Packed nasi lemaks and fried bee hoon isnt your best tummy satisfying choice for a night of good beer and loads of fun. 

But we had our fill and was prepared to party the night, the diversity of the company I have with me are pretty... well... diverse... We had the rockers, the ravers, the kpop fanatics, the beer lovers, the selca lovers, but we all share the same love for Ice Cold Carlsberg.

Heard from Tony ( the rocker enthusiast) that many were already leaving by 7pm saying that the party sucks and stuff like that...

Well it's too bad for them, because they say... " The party don't start till 8 and the real partying begins at 10 by Benjaminfoo." XD but really... everything started to go epic once we went in!

From a comedic stand up by Douglas Lim, to live band performance by 9Live, Korean Girl group dancing and the all night partying DJs ( Cazette, Miss Nine, Ming Ming and many more) There was a little fun for everyone and much more fun for an idiot like me who enjoys many things alike.

The times best spent with friends over beer and party!

I mean... there were many things that could have been better but if you were to say it sucks just because you are comparing to previous Where's The Party installments then you are probably not gonna have much good times with anyone for some time.

So many epic moments, ( some not caught on camera) that you can't deny having a good time la bro... it's always about the people you are with and knowing how to let loose and just blend into the moment because there ain't much space for a sour puss in an epic party. 

Are my words reliable? How many events (alcoholic) have I attended? ( quite a lot i guess) 

Would you believe if I tell you that I had a great time and it was nonetheless a great party?

Pictures don't lie...

It was a night to remember too... seeing some friends behaving out of composure was pretty fun and bumping into friends that I have not seen for a very long time!

All good times have to end though... Proud to say that I stayed till the end :P

Was happy to be greeted by this uncle and Carlsberg's magnificent plan to have a Lok Lok buffet for everyone ( guess they wanna make up for the not so impressive dinner) :P

A special special filled with lots of love thanks to these two below and their team... Pearl and Jude for this night and many more nights to come I hope. :)

And also the GF, who never fails to party with me all night when everyone else leaves. 

Aaaaaaaaaaand the proof that I was one of the last to leave...

Ok... fine... We were the last to leave. XD

So See you all next party! :) 

*Photo credit

My awesome HTCONE, #HTCONE

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hennessy Goes Mobile With "MY Hennessy" Mobile App at The Butter Factory. KL July 25th

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Always wanted to be part of those great Hennessy Parties you see around town almost every month?

Where the information come from? (Aside from :P

Hennessy is finally on your Mobile smartphones. (Android, IOS for now)

Check the latest trends and the hottest DJ performances around town that is brought to your by your favorite Cognac, Hennessy!

Download the app via the links below and experience Hennessy like never before!

Earn points, redeem premiums, get invites and great awesome news around town all in one application, you will be the most informed person when it comes to Hennessy. Be the socialite that you are and tell your friends where to head for the best parties in town! :)

Just to get things started!

The first Hennessy Night since the launch of the MY Hennessy app is just around the corner!

Headlined by DJ Ellie who comes from the country with the sexiest night club atmosphere and supported by VDI X MARC and MC M.I.O from Malaysia, your nights will be sizzling be sure to have some Hennessy to cool down and party all night!

Like I say, H-O-T.

So be sure to download the APP for more great Hennessy News and Updates and points to redeem awesome exclusive premiums! :)

Hennessy Parties are always all smiles and good times!

Hennessy Artistry Penang 2013

Hennessy New Bottle Launch

And so much more!

So Download the app now!

You can like the page too!

Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant Buffet Promotion (Seafood)


The word buffet seems to be one of the most common agreeable word to make any Malaysian happy, the sound of all you can food is a immediate mood picker anywhere. So when it comes to buffet, every business wants to make theirs special...Some serve special juices, some have on the spot cooking, ala carte buffer perhaps and of course those BBQ/STEAMBOAT fusions which are the most popular now these days. 

Bali Hai attempts to give these overused buffet concepts another spin this Ramadhan period and offers a Seafood buffet with a rotation menu almost every few days. You can expect to feast on different variery of crabs, an abundant amount of prawns, the clackering sounds of good Lalas and of course a grilled section as well.

So if you ever need a fresh dose of sea critter power be sure to come over and enjoy a night of unlimited food and great company in the spacious outdoorsy environment of Bali Hai Restaurant Kota Damansara. The colorful giant umbrellas hanging down from the ceiling gives out a rather grand atmosphere.

Take up the challenge and suck out the juicy meat from all sorts of crabs with different cooking styles ( tools provided) , slap those prawns and de shell for crunchy seafood meat and pull out sate sticks after sate sticks over the grill zone. It's a feast when you bring the friends and family along!

Getting your mouth watered yet? 

Remember to start of the meal with these huge and fresh oysters! I have never seen them so big before. SERIOUS!

After the oysters, dash off to gulp some soup of the day (careful ar, hot wan ar) and begin your feast!

So drop by with friends and family for a good dinner, it's very easy to spot the Restaurant as it is located right next to Tune Hotel opposite Sunway Gize and Encorp Strand. 

As if you can miss this sign. -_-

Special Promotion!

The promotion for this buffet now is Buy 2 Free 1, so the more the merrier! :)

Suria Avenue, Persiaran Mahogani,, PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

*Buffet is from now till 9th August! :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend Party: Corona Sunset Beach Party At Luna Bar, KL

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Corona has always been the beach party beer that I enjoy, with that slice of lime in each bottle it's the most refreshing drink for a Saturday night at the beach!

So if you don't have plans to the beach this weekend but would really wanna feel like it then come over to the Luna Bar for some Bikini corona fun!

The girls can flash out em bikinis and the guys them abs. It is a beach part after all!

Oh oh! There is also a contest for the hottest bods so more reason for you to come and let loose!

So come and enjoy or oogle at them hot body ( Guys AND Girls) and just have a good Saturday night while the world wait for you! :)

Venue: Luna Bar, KL
Date: 13-7-2013
Time: 7.30pm onwards!

See you there! :)

DJ Roxy June Ready To Drop Them Beats With Glenmorangie

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Two more days and it will be another Friday! The Friday that everyone loves because it marks the end of yet another dramatic and chaotic week ( well at least for the lucky few)

This Friday 12th july you gotta pick up them Orange caps and start the Hip Hop life because Glenmorangie is bringing you yet another party that will flush away the weekday stress!

Them boys at Elecoldxhot will be busting out their best hip hop dance moves so be sure to join them in dance battle and find out who can bust the dance floor with the better moves!

What's a club party with a DJ right? My favorite thing about Glenmorangie nights is when they bring in DJs that are uniquely awesome and this time we have DJ Roxy June from Thailand who will be spinning some classic hip hop tunes ( I hope she turns EDM after a while :P) 

This sweet missy is an eye candy and an electrifying DJ so if there is anything to look forward to this weekend it will be good music at Club Neverland this Friday and glasses Scottish finest Single Malt Whiskey, Glenmorangie in your hands. 

For access to a night of endless flowing Glenmorangie be sure to purchase a bottle of Glenmorangie at Club Neverland anytime before 12th July and get a pair of invites or 2 bottles of Glenmorangie to admit 5 of you guys! :)

Venue: Club Neverland, KL
Time: 9.30pm till late

Drop me a hi and we will enjoy some Glenmorangie all night long :)

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