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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Movie Review: The Hangover Part 3 Finale Mid Credit Scene

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Title: Hangover Part 3
Language: English
Genre: Crime/Comedy
Running Time: 100 Minute

When one of their own is kidnapped by an angry gangster, the Wolf Pack must track down Mr. Chow, who has escaped from prison and is on the lam. The clock that was set in motion back in Vegas is closing in on their time now. - IMDB

What do I think about it:-

There are 2 things I like about the movie.

No.1 - It's finally ending as in... a 4th won't be coming out till I die.

No.2 - Cocaine Sniffing Roosters

After that, the whole movie should be zip locked and launched into deep space. We lost what ever magic we had in the first movie in the 2nd movie and they are rubbing salt on our wounds with the 3rd movie. 

The production team, the directors, the actors and the writer were the ones that seemed to be in a complete hangover state. The humor and surprises were clearly missing and all you have left is a couple of viciously distasteful gags and Ken Jeong's even more hated performance now. 

You are going to watch it anyway just to wrap things up so prepare to have a somewhat void unfilled feeling or it would be better to just download it and watch at home aite?

Rating: 0.5/5

Mid Credit Scenes: There will be a mid credit scene around half a minute into the credits, showing yet another messed up room, random and chaotic much like the previous movies where they first woke up from the night. It leads to no 4th movie, probably just one last go at it.

"Whatever magic that happen in the 1st movie, its NEVER coming back"-benjaminfoo

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