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Monday, June 24, 2013

Dai Ban Noodle At Damansara Utama Uptown

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Located along the Damansara Uptown road with Tm Net and the 1Malaysia Shop, Dai Ban Noodles bring a  rather conventional menu that delivers good food to the working crowd at Uptown. 

While boasting about it's Pork Burger, Dai Ban Noodles also offers rice and congee in it's compact but varietized menu so it was a great dinner and here are some of the food that one should look out when visiting.

Fried Rings?

Starting off with some crunchy fried calamari, a familiar snack item at these joint fried nicely to avoid it's oily possibilities. If you are looking to satisfy your pre-meal munchies then you can give it a try! 

Another crunchy snack would be the prawn spring rolls, it's a great snack too mainly because the prawn inside is wrapped with a thin later of bean curd skin as to not drown out the taste, slightly oily on some parts but provides a heartfelt satisfaction for snack lovers. 

Prawn on a Roll

Moving on to a more savory choice would be the rarely seen smoked ducked slices, usually coming at a higher price than just RM 9.90 here , the duck is ordered fresh daily from their trusted roaster and does give a good taste to it even though not the perfect one. The skin is crunchy though!

Smokey the Duck

After the snacks, it's time to get into the main courses and it would be fitting to start with their proudest creation which is the Pork Burger. The meat is juicy and retains most of the taste of the pork considering that they use good quality pork meat so the taste is well refined and being served with wedges complete it's western fusion in an otherwise chinese themed cafe. Give it a try, you would be surprised.

Hello, Porksome

Dai Ban Noodle originally wanted to become on of those more common Pan Mee noodles house we have seen sprouting a while ago but decided to revise it's menu and produce a more generally addressed eatery but Pan Mee is still available in stores and it is served traditionally meaning that the noodles are teared up by hand turning them into pieces of noodles instead of the common strands. The soup and taste is rather clear as well.

I really appreciate the thought as this is how my family usually cook our Pan Mee, just to mention that many places offer the same traditional style of piece noodles but most of them if not all are cut with scissors or chopped neatly thus losing that hand made texture.

*They do offer other varieties of Pan Mee*

Homely Pan Mee

Next up was something that is rather unique which is the Pumpkin blended Congee, melded perfectly into a golden shade is their Pumpking Porridge that is both sweet and savory at the same time and contains a load full of Vitamins, the owner even mentioned that it is an awesome meal for the kids.

I am not a fan of Pumpkin but I manage to eat it as the Pumpking texture was mixed well with the Porridge so it didn't bother me, it tasted good ma!

Pot O Gold

Scanned the menu and Spicy Char Kuey Teow managed to grab my attention so we ordered one with a extra spicy request, the Char Kuey Teow came smelling good and looking tasty. It is fried with their own in house specialy chily shrimp sambal and the usualy ingredients for Char Kuey Teow, costing at Rm8.9 it is a little pricey but lovers of Char Kuey Teow should try it.

It is a mixed noodle Char Kuey Teow so be sure to ask for Kuey Teow only if that is your preference. :)

Lastly, here is my favorite from the whole shop, the pork chop fried rice.

Imagine two huge slice of pork (nicely proportioned between fats and lean meat) served with fried rice and an egg for RM 12.90, the value comes in a soon as you get a bite out of that melt in your mouth pork fat seasoned nciely with 5 flavor powders 五香粉 and to add more pleasure would be that the rice is friend nicely not sticky at all and it taste good with the in house Shrimp sambal as well.

This was my favorite because the pork slice was succulent and good. :) It's one of those rare places that purchase good quality pork ( yes, there is a difference. If you compare pork from Sanbanto vs the normal Morning market pork there is difference) 

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