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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It Was Way Too Chilling At Koh Samui

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I think I get way over excited when I go for trips, even a trip to the toilet needs me to summon all my willpower to NOT tweet about it.

But it's mostly because I am vy under travelled... Taiwan, Singapore and now Thailand are the only places I have been overseas and even within Malaysia also I have only been to a handful of places. So I can be excited if I wantz to ok? Pls? :D

Camwhoring before departure. Ah Dark and Ah Light. LOL

The last Lansi picture before departure. 

The flight was by Firefly, seats were a bit straight even though u can adjust but it wouldn't be fair for the dude behind so it was a little suffering but a 2 hour flight was alright just force urself to doze off and u should be fine!

A serene welcome and I breathed in Thailand air for the first time. Not much different laaaar! XD


We were immediately escorted into vans that sit 9 but they kept us at 6 per car to keep us comfortable and after 15 mins ride through the beach side town we reached our lovely resort " Chaweng Buri Resort" which to my surprise wasn't some huge building but was actually a massive clump of individual villas for each pair which really gave a "getaway" feel.

For most of the time we were chilling in the room watching Running man on my phone through the resort's speedy internet, walking out to the beach for a nice stroll. The best times to enjoy the beach are in the mornings before the sun comes out and around 10-ish later right after you have you breakfast. We woke up super early in hopes of catching the sunrise but was welcomed by a small drizzle and thunder clouds at sea, it was still nice though and we were joined by a few dogs as well :) 

Of course, we roamed the streets at night in search of cheap merchandises, authentic eateries ( unfortunately Koh Samui Chaweng Street was almost fully commercialized with international fat food chains and bars), the occasional street food and of course all the party streets and massage parlours. The thing about this place is that you gotta explore every nook and cranny for the best bits. :P

One particular place that needs a good mention is "Ninja Crepes", a restaurant along the street that serves cheap and authentic Thailand style food, keeping it's wasted urban look, the place reflects how a local food parlour should look and with a group of friendly staff the place was booming with locals and tourists alike. I would give this place a go for good and cheap food. 

Koh Samui is definitely a place to drop by for a few days of getaway, you can also go on the island hopping trips to snorkel at Koh Tao, one of the best snorkelling spots in the world but another than that it's really a good place to rest and relax. Alternatively, Koh Samui is also the land of awesome partying with the full moon party happening every month with ferry services to Koh Pangan so you will be entertain which ever way you prefer. I am quite sure it will be quite an experience to attend the full moon party one day but do go in a big group ya? :)

A big thank you to Corona Extra for organizing the contest ( and allowing me to travel to Koh Samui with the beloved GF. Corona Extra is truly suitable for the title " Best Holiday Beer" in my opinion and I am quite sure many would agree. :)

Hope to be able to go travelling more ^^. Can't wait for my company trip to Phuket! But now I leave you all with a few more shots of the trip! 

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