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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hennessy Artistry Penang 2013: Another Awesome Night

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It was that time again where I flew up with a group of bloggers and media for yet another spectacular Hennessy Artistry with promise of great music, splendid company and magnificent Hennessy Cognac.

This year it was no exception as about 20 of us flew up to Penang and once again embark on that journey to experience the sensation super clubbing experience. It's very impressive that year after year the Hennessy Artistry never fails to bring you full enjoyment with it's detailed arrangement of performances and a set up that matches it as well. While others might argue about the huge crowd but what is Hennessy Artistry without  people to enjoy it with, one should just bring your glass over to the next table and cheers the night away!

It was an early flight for us scheduled at 8.10am at Subang Airport, surprisingly everyone was wide awake and arrive on time too! After the usual travel procedures we were off to G- Hotel where I will be staying for the second time, I look forward to it because they have really nice room and services.

When we arrive at G-Hotel we had to wait for the conference to start as we were one hour ahead of schedule (amazing isn't it?) kudos to the PR teams arrangement. We were moved to a waiting lounge where Hennessy, Coffee, Tea, Ice Cream and some finger food were served.

The gorgeous Julie Woon would be hosting the conference as well as the night of Hennessy Artistry later on, you don't have to worry about her doing it alone because she is as good as 5 emcee with an attitude to boot! Let's just say that you would be impress with her all the way.

Hong Kong Hip Hop Artist 24 herbs, Australian DJ Andy Murphy and Singaporean DJ Nicole Chen will be bringing the best of Hennessy Artistry on to the stage that night. 

24herbs stole the limelight most of the time with their witty humour and charisma but engage very well with the charming Andy Murphy and lovely Nicole Chen, these guys are probably the best combination to have any press conference due to their spontenous and outgoing attitude. It wasn't too ambitious to say that everyone of the media enjoyed the conference. It was a pleasure meeting with them and talking to them as well. 

After the conference, we picked up our card and headed for our rooms and mind you it was one blogger per room, thank Hennessy for the very delightful surprise and experience! The biggest surprise was when I reached my room and opened the door. I could't find my bed!!! All I saw was a kitchen top and a L shape sofa -_- , den i realized there was another door and it led to my bed. ish. MASSIVE ROOM! 

Kinda wish the rest of my friends were here, big and nice but a bit lonely hahaha. After a while I headed out for lunch with Bok, Anna and the double Kelly combo didn't manage to grab nice pictures but Mee Sotong at Fort Cornwallis is the BOMB.

Went back to my temporary crib after lunch and dozed off, woke up and get ready for the night and set off to the lobby and into the bus! We arrive relatively early and was immediately usher into a waiting lobby with everyone else enjoy the Long drinks that we all love!

There were a few notable changes to the Hennessy set up and one most obvious change was the escalated DJ console on top of the bar to keep every entertained and spun by Alex Asquared from Deer society, there was also a LED visual board with a dancer dancing in front of it and a Hennessy Moment booth where you take your pic and let the whole world know that you will be having the night your life soon. 

When it was time to head on into the awesome palace of Hennessy Artistry, everyone was delighted! 

The show started off with the superb showmanship of 24 Herbs who carried the crowd along with their rap music even Andy Murphy who couldn't understand the language said it was good music and music has only one universal language. :)

 Dj Andy Murphy and DJ Nicole Chen continued with the energy as well as a special performance by reknown electroviolionist Dennis Lau with his collab of Don't You Worry Child with Strong femal vocalist Alexis. The night was going strong and everyone blazing with so much fun every thing was blurring.

The man who made all of this possible on the right hand side! :) Thank you!

Nicole and Melissa totally enjoying it!

Bumped into Jane and her friends as well~ She go where also popular wan

So much smiles and Hennessy!

Of course the charming guys from 24 herbs!

As the night blew by with great music and hennessy, we will always remember nights like this thanks to Hennessy Artistry and will certainly look forward to the next one! Bring it on and never end!

Those I was there with great friends shot and finally to end the post of an epic night is this one from Boss Vivian. Totally drunk with happiness.

Wait for the next Hennessy Artistry and let's have yet another epic night! :) 

H-Artistry, The Global Art of Mixing at SPICE Penang turned out to be a night that delivered a sensational mix of sight, sound and taste in one party. Party goers can now look forward to the next H-Artistry event of 2013 in November or by keeping it locked on H-Artistry events are by-invite-only, and are open to non-Muslims aged 18 above.

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