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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heineken Sends 3 Winners To Experience a VIP Style Trip to UEFA Champions League Final Viewing Party in Ibiza

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There are some experiences that certainly falls into the " unless u are crazy rich or else you won't be able to experience" category, it's pretty hard to objectify something like this because it is base on perception.

Most of the time these are the things that give you utmost pleasure and an unforgettable experience and usually becomes the envy of others. It's not everyday someone or some three would be able to obtain such an experience but guess Heineken decided to make this come true!

To be Honest, -_- I am really jealous! Ibiza- The party capital where many of the worlds greatest DJs crowd together to party and xperiene the crazy and the power of happy people all in one place. It really does sound like MY KIND OF PLACE. Why I don't get to go... le sigh.

Oh well, after a series of treasure hunting, clue spotting and a whole day of physical and mental beach contests, the 3 that have shown the world that they are among the most ultimate football fan have been selected and claimed the throne of 3 to be flying all the way to Ibiza for the most fantastic Heineken Viewing party of the Champions league.

Yeoh Keng Meng, Lim Sze Hue and Joel Hoshea Munjan emerged as winners after competing against 30 other contenders in Heineken’s ‘Kick-off to Ibiza’ finale challenge held at Mines Wellness Hotel recently.

They will be joining 200 Heineken fans from around the world in an ultra-luxurious VIP experience at the UCL Final viewing event in Ibiza, Spain - which will see the best of football and music culminating in one spectacular event. .

As much as it pains me to see one of my life long dreams being achieved by someone else, kudos to them as I know they have went through a hell of a time to be able to reach this stage. :)

Quite sure they will be partying like maniacs and whatever happens there will be staying there :0 

Next month, Keng Meng, Sze Hue and Joel will set sail for the Heineken Ibiza Final and will experience the best of football and music in the world’s party and nightlife capital – Ibiza, Spain.

Follow their exciting journey at Heineken’s Facebook page (

Have fun for my sake too guys! Even though i dunno u. :P

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