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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Carlsberg Puts Friends To The Test

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An interesting video was being circulated two months ago, featuring a couple of guys that somehow couldn't pay their debts over a gambling game and is force to call their friend whom they think will come over and pay up in the middle of the night. Before I go into a short discussion let's watch the video.

Now, a few things pop into my mind when I watch this. Besides arguing the fact that this might be staged and edited and stuff like that, how many of you could be confident that YOUR best friend would rush over to haul your ass out of the danger? 

I probably can name a few and would be confident that they will come, so how about you? How many do you have? I am quite sure you would be delighted if he/she did come and save you and alternately become devastated if they don't.

So do you have any friends that can come and save your ass without hesitating? 

If you do, I am pretty sure "It calls for a Carlsberg." :)

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