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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Host And The Largest Lotus Car Convoy In Malaysia

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I've never really regarded myself as a Car person, I can't differentiate the sounds of a V3 engine and a normal wan. I dunno how a turbo works and the closest I get to fixing a car is filling up my wiper water container and changing a spare tire.

Nevertheless when the I got a called from Nuffnang that Nusantara Edaran Film and Lotus Cars Malaysia would like to invite me to join in a convoy of the largest Lotus Cars convoy to Pavillion KL to watch The Host, I immediately said yes. The boy inside of me still loves the taste of a good sports car and the desire to speed. :P

For all of you who are unaware, The Lotus Evora was featured in the movie "The Host" thus the convoy was held to promote both the film and the Lotus Cars.

Carefully coated with a chrome styled visual, This Particular Lotus Evora was driven by Natasha Seatter who was quoted as Asia's Fastest Female Racer by The Star. 

So the Journey started 7.30am on a Sunday Morning, I had some delay so I reached about 8pm (yes, I was late XD) All I missed was breakfast though as the enthusiastic car owners drove in their Lotus Elise ( The signature bread & butter of Lotus Cars), The Lotus Exige and The Iconic Lotus Evora which they happily parked at the designated zones. 

I've always liked The Lotus Elise even though it's not recommendable for someone my size, there was something in it's design that keeps me attracted but it's a pity we don;t see it on the road often.

But lady luck was on my side as the car I was going to ride will be the Lotus Elise! Happy die me even though i covered it well :)

Here is the car I sat on, it has a metallic shine to it making it look extremely shiny and clean. It really is sexy XD.

After a bit of a smoke shooting ceremony ( where they blasted colored smoke into the sky along with some noise crackers) The Lotus Evora Chrome set off followed it's many comrads, I've got a few on the road shots thanks to driver of the car, Terrence who was extremely enthusiastic and help along the way.

Additionally, we sorta jammed up the LDP heading to wards Damansara Utama for a bit but it's a Sunday morning so hope everyone wasn't too unhappy. We sped off straight after the junction following the other cars and being followed closely by the rest as well. I was in the middle section of the convoy.

Smoking the asphalt proved to be quite an enjoyment with frequent speed bursts reaching to 160 kmh here and there, as we used the LDP to Sprint highway interchange (whichs is the road in front of Eastin Hotel) I couldn't help but think of the thousand of times I was stucked in this road and for once I was burning the road. LOL.

I was pretty surprised at the speed that the Lotus Elise can achieve pretty smooth accelaration and great handling over curves as well. I might not know my engines and whatnot but I can differentiate good accelaraion and handling and Lotus Elise delivers both in flying colors!

We sped past highways and curves and ramps and the occasional slowdown to let the cars mash up together again to avoid the convoy from breaking. I believe it would have took us about 10 minutes to reach Pavillion from Bandar Utama if we weren't convoy restrained. Of course this includes the expertise of a good drive and the drive of my car Terrence was pretty experienced :P.

Once arrived, the cars were arranged to park around the open areas out Pavillion KL where they will be displayed for about 2- 3 hours as the drivers will be watching "The Host" at GSC Pavillion.

Ex Prime Minister Doktor Tun Mahathir was there to welcome us as well and I managed to grab a picture of him with Natasha Seatter and the rest of the drivers and their friends and family as well as the parties involved in making this event a success.

It was a quite an experience, the car was superb and I wish I had the chance to sit the other two models :(. Maybe some other time, could really see that Lotus Cars are really quite the beast it claims to be and it's unique designs makes it quite an eye catcher.

If you put a Lotus Evora side by side with a Posche (anymodel) I would actually be much more attracted to the Evora. There isn't a reason why I shouldn't be seeing more Lotus Cars in the near future and if I could afford one I would definitely pick up a Lotus Exige :P. It's quite convincing.

Thanks to Nusantara Edaran Film, Lotus Cars Malaysia, GSC, and The Pavillion, KL for this convoy as it was certainly some good times I have here. 

Special thanks to Nuffnang as well as the driver of the car Terrence who happens to be the sales manager as well he really played a good host for me as his enthusiasm and experience in the auto industry is an eye opener, and the little special show he put on our way back really got me to experience some of the superb control and speed that the Lotus is able to bring. It is definitely and agile beast.

Terrence and the shining blue Lotus Elise
The sexy Lotus Evora Chrome is the main car in the movie " The Host" so you can catch it in action at any GSC branches thanks to Nusantara Edaran Films.

More pictures of these awesome Lotus Cars here.

*Note:- Apparently the Lotus Exige is build to order so it gives way to unique and very custom looks, unique in every way. That really reflects the owners love for the car lor! XD

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